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Tri Fusion LLC Expands Customization Options and Grows Offering After Implementing Torchmate® Plasma Table



Tri Fusion LLC is a multifaceted fabrication and printing business. The company was founded by John Cockerill in 2013. Unlike many fabrication businesses, John made the leap to open shop with nearly no fabrication background or experience. As a retired deputy and former serviceman, John was not afriad of a challenge. He told himself he would learn anything and everything needed to build a successful business.


Before learning fabrication skills or CNC machine operation, he purchased a 4’x4’ Torchmate Growth Series Table. The Torchmate was John’s first ever equipment purchase. “I saw what the machine was capable of and had grand ideas about how I could cut anything I wanted out of metal,” John said. Without much of a plan, that is how Tri Fusion LLC was born.

Tri Fusion LLC is located in Carson City, Nevada, just 30 minutes away from the Lincoln Electric® Cutting Systems headquarters. Once John had decided a CNC plasma cutting table was the first machine he was going to purchase, he began researching table options. After coming across Torchmate, we invited him to tour our manufacturing facility in Reno. During his visit, we gave him a tour of the facility and demonstrated how the Torchmate machines work. Shortly after, John purchased a Torchmate table and had it setup in his shop in no time. Now with his first piece of equipment, John was fully committed to building a successful business. He self-taught himself how to use the machine with only a few phone calls to Torchmate support for help.

Once he was comfortable using the table, he started by making custom car parts. After selling his first part, he bagan selling them more frequently and could see the foundation of the business starting to form. John’s new Torchmate table was officially making him money. Eventually, people and other businesses started asking him if he could make custom signs. He was able to cut signs with ease using the Torchmate. John told us, “Customers then started wanting colored signs, wood signs, cerakote coatings, screen prints and more. Over the years we've slowly incorporated more and more machinery to our arsenal. We now have CNC machines, plasma cutters, latex printers, laser cutters and industrial laminators. With so much equipment under our roof, we are able to make just about anything you can imagine.” A dream that started with only a Torchmate table, has grown into an entire fabrication empire.

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Over nine years later, Tri Fusion has continued to grow and is thriving. A few years ago, they purchased their second Torchmate table. John chose to upgrade to the Torchmate 4400 equipped with the plate marker attachment. He said it was a very easy learning curve transitioning from the Growth series table to the 4000 series table. He had the table running and cutting the same day it was delivered. Since purchasing the Torchmate 4400, Tri Fusion’s cutting capabilities and quality has increased. “We use our Torchmate all the time; we cut out everything from quick metal plates, brackets, gussets and a ton of signage. We just recently cut a twenty-two foot sign for an apartment complex,” John said.

It is amazing to see the success John and Tri Fusion have achieved. This all started with one determined person who had no fabrication experience, but took the leap to invest in himself and his business by purchasing a Torchmate CNC plasma table. The Tri Fusion shop has grown to have hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and is now an elite one-stop shop for nearly all fabrication and printing needs. John explained how he has been able to expand and succeed so well over the years. “My only advice to small fabrication business owners or those wanting to start a fabrication business is just go for it! Just jump in! Don’t worry about numbers at first and don’t be afraid to mess up and learn the machines.

Even later in my fabrication career, I bought a small $40,000 laser machine and did not know a thing about laser, but by jumping in, it forced me to learn it. If you are interested in fabrication and making things, just go for it!” Each of our customers have different stories about how they built their business to become successful and profitable. Get inspired and find a system that gives you the best chance at success then go for it.

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At Torchmate we welcome all customers and potential customers to come visit our facility and meet our team. When John first reached out, we were pleased to invite him to the Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems headquarters. “At first, I called various plasma table companies, but Torchmate was the one that offered me a tour of their building and to physically talk in-person. When I went to the Torchmate facility, everyone was nice, professional and welcoming. They answered every question I had, which was a lot because I was there for over two hours.

The crew taught me about the Torchmate CAD software and even did some cutouts for me on the Torchmate machine. I was impressed and after, purchased the Torchmate 4x4 growth series with all the accessories. Once it was delivered, I accidentally assembled the machine backwards and had to call Torchmate’s technical support. They promptly sent a technician, Jake, to my shop to help me fix the problem. I was and still am extremely pleased with the level of hospitality and support Torchmate provides,” John said. At Torchmate, we strive to provide our customers with some of the best support in the industry. Our support team is highly educated and trained. Jake, the same technician that helped John almost ten years ago in 2013, is still on the Torchmate team and continues to help customers around the world. Many Torchmate users appreciate fimiliar voices if they’ve had to call our tech support more than once. We understand that machine up-time is imperative to profit and business success.

Check out Tri Fusion LLC’s social channels. On their Instagram page, Tri Fusion displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications. Additionally, customers can access their website to inquire about custom or personalized projects they would like make. For more information about the business, please visit their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Website pages.

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