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“Torchmate is American Made and had by far the Best Warranty”

Tough Custom Fabricators is a custom fabrication shop located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Originally TCF was formed in February, 2016 as “Chiappetta Custom Rescue” and was inspired by the owner’s EMT job and the existing family business. The business started by manufacturing forcible entry wedges for the fire and rescue industry. Owner of now “Tough Custom Fabrication,” Nicholas Chiappetta, is a part time EMT who has craftsmanship in his bones.

TCF is a subdivision of Nick’s father’s company which has been in business for 35 years. During the first few years in business, Nick was fabricating by hand and using an ironworker and a lathe machine to create all of TCF’s fabrications. Tough Custom Fabricators began gaining traction after one of its creations, called “The Eruption Fire Pit,” started growing in popularity. Nick began to see the potential of the business and needed a way to fabricate more creations in much less time. He knew he needed a CNC plasma cutting table. After extensively researching many brands, Nick chose to purchase the Torchmate® 4800 by Lincoln Electric®. “I chose Torchmate because Lincoln Electric is a trustworthy brand and the warranty was way better than other CNC tables I researched.

What sealed the deal was when a Lincoln Electric representative contacted my father and offered to take us to see a Torchmate machine in action. A nearby, very old corporation had their Torchmate machine running 8 plus hours every day. The shop and machine looked like they had been through extreme use and abuse, but the machine was still running excellent. That is what finally sold me on the Torchmate table,” said Nick.



Torchmate has Allowed TCF to Expand into New Markets

After purchasing a Torchmate 4800 table in November, 2019, Tough Custom Fabricators has elevated to new heights. The Torchmate table has allowed the business to enter new markets. TCF is now able to complete many big jobs and in a timely manner. They now work with construction engineers and also fabricate many boat parts all while maintaining their normal custom creations workload. Recently, they did a huge job for the YMCA, during which, the Torchmate table was a true necessity.

Nick told us, “I love how construction engineers can send me files and I can import them straight into the Torchmate CAD software. It makes things so much easier.” Additionally, Tough Custom Fabricators is still constructing forcible entry wedges, with the same simplistic design, that makes for an extremely rugged, high quality product that will hold up against years of abuse on the fire and training ground. With the Torchmate table, TCF is able to complete these type of job requests and all other fabrication duties in under half the time it would normally take.

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“Anyone can be an Expert at Torchmate CAD in a Week”

At Torchmate we strive to manufacture products that are not only dependable, but also easy to setup and use. We understand that every minute equipment is out of commission, is a minute of lost profit. It was important to retrieve Nick’s opinion about the setup process and usability of the Torchmate 4800. “The setup was awesome, I was surprised with how quickly and easily the setup process was. At first, the Torchmate control didn’t work, but I made a quick phone call and Torchmate immediately diagnosed the problem and sent out a replacement part with fast shipping. As for the software, the learning curve was so intuitive. It is so user friendly anybody can learn it. Torchmate CAD includes every feature you would need when cutting and designing. Everything is at your fingertips. Anyone can be an expert in a week.” It is rewarding for us, as a company, to hear our customers enjoy the features we strive to implement on our machines.

Torchmate is Worth Every Penny

A lot of the projects that Tough Custom Fabricators make, require thick sheets of metal. Nick needed a CNC plasma cutting machine that would provide the reliability and cutting capacity to suit his needs. He said the machine has taken every project he has thrown at it with no problems. Nick explained, “We cut a ton of ¾” inch thick metal and sometimes cut it 8 hours a day. The Torchmate table has no problem with that task.”
When starting or expanding a fabrication business there are key decisions that will determine your success. Nick had simple, but important comments about the topic.

“When looking to expand your fabrication business, research the other CNC machine brands in detail before purchasing. You will find that companies with American made equipment and proven technical support are worth the money. In my opinion, Torchmate is the best CNC machine on the market for the price.
Also, learn how to use hand tools and use your imagination and you will find success.”

Check out Tough Custom Fabricators social channels. On their Instagram page, ASI displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Additionally, customers can place orders for custom or personalized projects they would like conveniently shipped to them. For more information about TCF, please visit their Facebook, Instagram & Website.

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