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Thomas Precision Welding Uses Torchmate® 4510 To Grow Their Business And Improve Efficiency



From Professional Snowboarder to Professional Metal Fabricator

Thomas Precision Welding is a multifaceted metal fabrication and welding business. TP Welding is located in Carson City, Nevada, just 30 minutes away from the Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems headquarters. It is a father and son owned business that has been rapidly expanding.

Owners, Tom Parachou and his father, George have obtained the skills and knowledge to create and operate a successful company. They built the business from the ground up while also pursuing other dreams. Straight out of high school, Tom entered the Butte College Welding Program in Northern California. Immediately after graduation, he went to work for a company that allowed him to further enhance his welding and fabrication skills. Whenever Tom was not working, he spent his time perfecting his snowboarding skills to become a professional snowboarder. He snowboarded with many of the Olympic snowboarders who trained in the Lake Tahoe area.

Unfortunately, Tom would be plagued by injuries which ended his professional snowboarding career. He then refocused on fabrication and became a full-time welder. He started by specializing in the sanitary stainless processing system in the food and beverage industry. Tom continued to grow, building his own Rig Truck, traveling the country and working for others until eventually he decided to start his own business. Soon after, Thomas Precision Welding was born.


No Need to Outsource Parts with a Torchmate®

TP Welding has now been in business for over 6 years and is busier and more efficient than ever. Tom started with simpler welding jobs and has since grown tenfold. Six months ago, he made the decision to further expand the business by purchasing a Torchmate 4510 CNC plasma cutting table. The Torchmate 4510 is being used every day at TP Welding and has significantly increased the capabilities of the business.

TP Welding has the ability to complete many types of jobs including: sanitary stainless steel process systems and utility piping for food & beverage industry, custom & specialty metal fabrication, aluminum fabrication welding, structural steel welding, industrial welding, powder coating and sand blasting and more. Tom’s goal was to bring all fabrication and welding process in-house and the Torchmate table was exactly what he needed to do so. “With the Torchmate, we can now control our lead times. We can deliver a product within a week or sooner which generates more work for the business as a whole.

When we are doing field work, we can draw a quick sketch of pipe flanges, base plates or whatever it may be and send it over to the shop to have it cut on the Torchmate that same day. This has created an increased rapport with clients. Before purchasing the Torchmate, we were doing lots of hand cutting which is expensive. We had to outsource many projects which sometimes took two to three weeks. The Torchmate has essentially cut out the middle man.”

During our interview with Tom’s father, George, he talked about more ways the Torchmate has helped expand the business. “With the acquisition of the powder coating company and the Torchmate table, we have grown the business by 10 times within one year. We found that the Torchmate has not only been a blessing to our welding company, but it has also been a blessing to our new powder coating company. One example of how the Torchmate makes us more money is our top rails for hanging projects during the powder coating process. We used to only be able to hang 10 top rails at a time and at $60 a piece we were making $600 per job. The Torchmate allowed us to design and cut out a custom jig which now allows us to hang 28 top rails at a time and make about $1,700 per job.

Just this one example alone pays for the Torchmate payments every month and then some.” Thomas Precision Welding is becoming a dominant force in the industry here in Northern Nevada. They can now complete entire projects for customers since they have the capabilities of cutting, fabricating, welding and powder coating all under one roof.


“Torchmate is the Easiest CNC Machine to Learn”

Ease of use is one competitive advantage Torchmate machines have over other brands in the plasma cutting table industry. Tom said, “I come from a welding fabrication background and the Torchmate is very easy to use without having much CNC knowledge. We have seen how complicated other brands can be just by watching their confusing YouTube videos. The Torchmate setup was easy, operating the table is easy and we were able to learn quickly through Torchmate Academy. It’s nice to have Torchmate Academy as a resource anytime because we reference it frequently.

One of my favorite features of the machine is when one of our welders need something cut, they can push a few buttons and have a piece completed without having to hand draw a simple part on an external device.” At Torchmate, we have developed an extensive online training academy that is included with Torchmate table purchases. For those who learn better in live time, we also offer other training resources. For the first time ever, customers can sign up and attend our virtual training sessions. Users get to follow along with one of our Torchmate experts from anywhere in the world via Zoom. Additionally, we have reopened our in-house at Lincoln Electric® headquarters. We know that the easier it is for customers to learn new equipment, the quicker they can begin cutting and making money.

Check out Thomas Precision Welding’s social channels. On their Instagram page, TP Welding displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications. Additionally, customers can access their website to inquire about custom or personalized projects they would like done. For more information about the business, please visit their Facebook, Instagram and Website pages.


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