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Torchmate® 4000 Series Delivers for the Hobbyist Looking to Automate Complex Cutting



Torchmate® is Excellent for Hobbyists Looking to Cut Metal


Scott Doonan has been a full time firefighter and EMT for nearly 20 years and is a proud 5th generation San Franciscan. When he is not working, Scott has always loved creating things and working with his hands. His interest in fabrication sparked because of his high school shop teacher and one of his neighbor mechanics. Scott went on to attend the NTMA machining school and worked as a journeyman machinist in his 20's. He furthered his desire and curiosity in metal work through education; both in classes as well as countless hours of reading and application. For years, Scott has been welding and fabricating by hand.

He uses many Lincoln Electric® products including the Power Mig® 180 Dual Mig Welder, the Power Mig 210 MP® Multi-Process Welder, the Torchmate 4800 and others to complete his projects. For now, metal fabricating is a hobby that Scott enjoys during his free time. Even though he does not own a fabrication business, Torchmate was his CNC plasma cutting table of choice.



Torchmate 4800 was Simple to Setup & Help was a Phone Call Away

At Torchmate, we work hard to offer a complete CNC plasma cutting table that can be setup quickly and easily upon delivery. Should anything go wrong during your table setup process or at any other time, we pride ourselves in our high quality tech support that can be reached by phone - five days a week. We asked Scott about his experience setting up his Torchmate 4800. “The table setup was really easy. I had the power supply and proper ground for the unit ready prior to arrival. It was no problem at all,” said Scott.

Torchmate’s quick delivery speeds and fast setup process allows everyone to get cutting and start making money as fast as possible. If an issue causes machine downtime, Torchmate has tech support representatives ready to help via phone or e-mail.

Due to operator error, Scott has had to call tech support in the past. He was kind enough to give us an honest review about his phone call experience. He said, “Tech support was really helpful. They knew what my problem was and helped me get my machine up and running in no time. Also, Karen is great. She should be the benchmark for customer service in the industry.”


Complex Cutting Made Easy

Although Scott does not own a metalworking business, he still wanted a way to automate complex cutting. Additionally, there were many projects that he could not have completed without a CNC plamsa cutting machine. That drove him to purchase a Torchmate 4800. Scott’s Torchmate has taken his fabricating abilities to the next level. “It has made the process of creating complex patterns for parts and jobs much faster and more accurate, with less processes to yield a final product.

Our Torchmate 4800 has unlocked the potential for concepts to become actual working projects,” said Scott. Even without an official fabrication business, Scott receives requests to make parts and artwork for people. The Torchmate is critical for ensuring these projects are of highest quality.

“Desire to Educate the Next Generation of Youth about this Trade”

Scott has big plans for the future. Once his time as a firefighter, EMT is finished, he intends to elevate the way he fabricates. Scott has dreams of sharing his passion by teaching the youth how to work with their hands. He said, “In my 30 years of this work, I have been able to amass and acquire a full working metal shop where I apply all of the skills I have learned and witnessed to better my ability as I hone my view of this trade.

My desire is to continue on this path, and educate the next generation of youth on what this trade has taught me and how this knowledge translates into life lessons, as well as pay the gift I have been given forward.” That is Scott’s ideal form of retirement. The fabricating skills and knowledge he has accumulated is his form of monetary value. Scott believes there will always be demand for those who can create with their hands. He wants to use his education, partnered with his Lincoln Electric equipment, to teach individuals how to work with their hands.

It is great to have such an ambitious character, like Scott, in the Torchmate community. He proves that Lincoln Electric products are not only great for making profits, but also for enjoyment and education.








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