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Lincoln Electric® Torchmate® 4400 was an Easy Decision for Professional Monster Truck Driver

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Cynthia Gauthier is sponsored by Lincoln Electric.

Cynthia Gauthier Expands Metal Fabrication Business by Adding Torchmate 4400

Pin Metal Up is a custom metal fabrication shop located in Quebec, Canada. Owner, Cynthia Gauthier, originally grew up working on the farm with her family. As she grew, she began developing a passion for dirt bikes, buggies and eventually monster trucks. Cynthia had to work a full time job during the day and attend school at night to fund her motocross passion. She began racing after buying her first dirt bike at the age of 18. She managed to earn her accounting degree while working and racing, but her love for motocross was undeniable. Soon after, Cynthia began racing professional motocross in Canada. Unfortunately, she was plagued by injuries and had to pivot her career. She then developed an excitement for monster trucks.

After earning a spot as a test driver, Cynthia eventually became a professional monster truck driver. In 2019, she competed in the Stadium Championship and earned three freestyle victories. She also won the first World Finals victory in the high jump competition. During her monster truck career, Cynthia had a huge crash that she remembers to this day.


“That crash made me realize the importance of a solid cage for trucks,” Cynthia said. After that moment, she gained a desire to learn welding and metal fabricating. Cynthia chose to take a welding class with Lincoln Electric and has since become a very skilled welder. After learning to weld, she wanted to expand her skills by taking the Torchmate CNC Plasma Table Operations and CAD Training by Lincoln Electric. In July, 2020 Cynthia purchased a Torchmate 4400.


Torchmate Transformed a Hobby into a Thriving Business

Since Cynthia is a busy individual, her fabricating passion began as an enjoyable hobby. She started by repairing boats and vehicles and would also weld for fun during her free time. Her passion for welding grew over the years. Cynthia eventually purchased a second welder and now owns a Lincoln Electric 260 MIG welder and a Lincoln Electric 275 TIG welder. As her welding proficiency increased, Cynthia wanted to try creating a metal fabrication business. In the midst of the 2020 crisis, Cynthia had more free time than usual. She took advantage of this by learning Torchmate CAD and purchasing a Torchmate 4400 in hopes of officially opening a business.

Not long after, Pin Metal Up was created. Since opening shop earlier this year, business has been great. “I use my Torchmate every day,” Cynthia said. She uses the Torchmate 4400 to make custom signs, fire pits, parts for vehicles and equipment and more. She enjoys making her own decorations for all of the Holidays. “Two day projects now take less than a day using the Torchmate. I needed my own metal cutting machine because lead times from outsourcing were way too long.” It is now several months after Pin Metal Up was born and the business continues to thrive because of Cynthia’s skills, creativity and Lincoln Electric equipment.

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“Tech Support, Table Setup and Operations are Outstanding”

We asked Cynthia more about her experience with the Torchmate 4400. “I was really nervous to setup the table. I wasn’t sure how to install everything. Once it was completed, I was so impressed with how easy it was to install and setup. The machine was running 1 hour after delivery. I completed all the online classes Torchmate offers with no background using CAD. It is easy to get the hang of. I also love the service at Torchmate, they are there whenever I need help with my machine. I have had a good relationship with Iggy after meeting him at the Torchmate booth at SEMA. I have always been satisfied with Lincoln Electric products. It is an American company so it is easy to get parts and everything I need. There’s distributors all around. It was an easy decision to choose Torchmate. The quality and service is great.”

Torchmate Table and the Torchmate Community Make Work Fun

“Every time I start up the Torchmate table, I have a big smile on my face. I enjoy every day at work.” Cynthia explained how enjoyable it is to operate her Torchmate and how she loves that it allows her to be creative. “Anything is possible using the Torchmate,” she said. Not only does Cynthia love using the machine, but she was surprised with how great the Torchmate community is. “As soon as I posted on social media that I had a Torchmate table, a ton of other Torchmate owners reached out to me. They said they were there if I ever needed help or had questions about my table. The Torchmate community is amazing!” There are many resources that connect Torchmate owners from all over the globe, including a Facebook page, Fabrication Forum and other social channels. Cynthia receives awesome feedback on all of her fabrication posts.

Check out Cynthia’s and Pin Metal Up’s social channels. On her Instagram page, Pin Metal Up displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Additionally, customers can place orders for custom or personalized projects they would like conveniently shipped to them. For more information on Pin Metal Up, please visit their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Website.

Cynthia Gauthier is sponsored by Lincoln Electric.






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