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Torchmate is the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine of Choice for 20 Year Old Business

See How No Limits Metalworks is Growing with a Torchmate 4800 Plasma Table

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No Limits Metalworks LLC is a custom fabrication shop located in Laconia, New Hampshire. It focuses on the high end custom world - from automotive builds to welding and fabrication projects big and small. No Limits Metalworks was formed in 2009 and is family owned by Shawn Dudek and his wife, Cassandra. However, Shawn created the No Limits brand way back in 1999 and has since expanded the company. In addition to No Limits Metalworks, the Dudeks own No Limits Motorsports LLC. They are superb craftsmen with unique skillsets that few possess.

No Limits Metalworks can tackle any project from full chassis swaps to interior décor. They consistently create custom fabrications for high end lake homes as well as building projects for the marketing industry. Shawn is extremely passionate about creating unique things. “I have an insatiable drive to always progress no matter what I'm doing, this business has really been able to feed into that because for the first time there really is No Limits to what we can create, and that in itself is extremely motivating!” Shawn said. This drive and passion paired with the capabilities of their Torchmate 4800 table, is reflected in the quality of the company’s work..

From Cutting by Hand to an Automated Empire

When No Limits Metalworks first opened, it did not have the automation systems and machines that it now has. Shawn was cutting by hand and operating ineffeciently. He told us, “I was doing things in ways that now looking back cost me thousands of hours over the years!” No Limits needed a new way of operating to expand the business. Shawn saw the opportunities that would come to life by purchasing a CNC machine. After making the leap and purchasing a Torchmate plasma cutting table in September 2017, No Limits Metalworks would never look back.

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“It was a game changer for build process time investment.” Since then, Shawn and Cassandra’s business has grown rapidly, they have had to hire a full time employee. No Limits Metalworks has become so successful it runs the Torchmate table daily to keep up with the demand from its millionaire clientele.

The Sky is the Limit with Torchmate

We asked Shawn how the Torchmate 4800 has impacted his business. “I honestly could not be anywhere near where I am today in my business without making the commitment to getting the Torchmate table. It has elevated the business to a level that no-one locally can even remotely compete with, especially with regards to efficiency and creativity.


It increased business so much I was able to hire a full time employee to fabricate while I run the table and do design work. I can sell myself as having the computer controlled precision. And I can sell myself to the marketing field with the ability to precisely create logos and other designs.” No Limits Metalworks designed and created the Lake Life Realty sign (shown below) for Keller Williams, an international real estate company. The flawless sign was cut on their Torchmate 4800 machine. This is also true for the Harley Davidson eagle statue (showcased above). Torchmate has made it possible for Shawn and No Limits Metalworks to fabricate intricate metalwork for customers all over the country.

Easy Setup Process and Easy to Learn Software

Lincoln Electric takes pride in manufacturing plasma cutting machines that have a 30 minute or less setup time. Additionally, we are proud to offer those machines with an extremely user friendly interface. After purchasing a Torchmate 4800, Shawn is a believer of our easy setup claims. He said the setup process was super easy. “The hardest part was getting it off the truck,” Shawn told us.

Learning Torchmate CAD is considered part of the setup process for many users. We wanted No Limits Metalwork’s thoughts on the subject. “Learning the CAD side was my biggest fear going into it. I knew I could figure it out, it was just the uncertainty of never having done any CAD work prior to going to Lincoln’s 4 day class. I did the class with Chad and he was great! It was the jumpstart I needed. I brought that info home with me and taught my wife what I learned and we've been progressing daily ever since!”

Trusting Lincoln Electric and Torchmate Machines

It is often asked how Torchmate is different than other CNC machine brands. We have many competitive advantages, such as our industry leading tech support or the fact Torchmate is 100% single sourced from Lincoln Electric. However, it is important to hear metal fabricators’ thoughts as to why they think the Lincoln Electric Torchmate is superior to other CNC machine brands.

Shawn had many comments regarding the subject. “The fact every component of Torchmate is made in America and is owned by a solid company like Lincoln speaks wavelengths for the machine. When deciding which brand to choose, Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems had U.S. based training and factory support, which was a huge factor in my decision.

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Lastly, the user friendly software so my dumb self could figure out how to make money quickly with a reasonable learning curve.” After owning the machine for years now, Shawn is confident he made the best decision for his business. Like many users, he had to call tech support a few times when first learning the machine. He spoke about how he was pleasantly surprised with the speed and effort put forth by Lincoln Electric; stating that each tech support call was a great experience.

Our last question for Shawn was if he would recommend the Lincoln Electric Torchmate technology to other businesses and why or why not? “Yes for sure, and I have. The support I've received from day one has been great, customer support is so valuable when you have issues and deadlines are involved, especially in the marketing industry. I have hard deadlines I cannot miss so breakdowns mixed with a lack of support is not acceptable to me. Torchmate has repeatedly met the mark and kept me making money!”


Check out No Limits Metalworks social channels. On their Instagram page, NLM displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Additionally, customers can place orders for custom or personalized projects they would like conveniently shipped to them. For more information about No Limits Metalworks, please visit their Facebook, Instagram, and their website.



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The 2020 Torchmate 4400 and 4800 Model Information and Updates!

The 2020 models of the Torchmate 4400 (4x4) and 4800 (4x8) CNC plasma cutting tables bring you a refreshed and enhanced machine delivering you the most desired new features from customers and making the machine easier than ever to operate! New touchscreen improvements allow you to simply enter the material type and thickness and your cut settings will be set automatically! This will ensure you are always cutting at the right settings and you won't have to worry about finding the cut charts online or in your manual.

This also means that even a new operator can be confident that they are entering the correct cut settings for your new machine. There are a variety of other new touchscreen features that are now enabled, along with the now standard Laser Pointer attachment, and the all new Torchmate 4000 TC Pipe and Round Tube cutting attachment! Watch the video below for more details!

Give us a call today at (775) 673-2200 to learn more about the 2020 models, or Request a Quote!