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Moonhill Iron Works is a custom fabrication shop based out of Poncha Springs, Colorado. MHIW was created in late 2016 by owner, Sean Geisler. When Sean first started the business, he had no idea it was going to achieve the level of success it has today. When he was younger, Sean met a man who was an amazing TIG welder. He taught Sean how welding worked and Sean instantly fell in love. He later got a job at American Equipment Manufacturing making compression tanks for oil fields. While working there, he was also going to welding school at night. It wasn’t long before Sean got his associates degree in welding.

Soon after, he obtained structural welding certifications. Potential clients started contacted him and he soon realized there weren’t many others in his area that could do structural welding. Sean was contacted by Drew Lindslay, the President of Hammerwell Inc., to build a large modern home on the Arkansas River. “This was the project that really got my business going,” Sean told us. He quickly realized he needed to increase the capabilities and efficiency of the business. Sean knew he needed to invest in a Torchmate CNC plasma cutting table. Doing so would make fabrication projects much easier and give him an even larger edge over local competitors.



Why Moonhill Iron Works Chose Torchmate by Lincoln Electric®

Moonhill Iron works has continued to grow which made Sean realize he needed a way to further improve the speed and efficiency at which he was completing projects. During his employment at different fabrication companies, he noticed that all of the successful businesses owned CNC plasma cutting tables. He then started reading forums about the machines and realized that it was what MHIW needed. Once Sean discovered Torchmate, he gave us a call to purchase a table. Sean has used many brands of fabrication equipment, but has become a loyal customer of Lincoln Electric. He owns other Lincoln Electric equipment such as a SA 200 Welder, Ranger® 250 Welder, Ranger 330 MPX™ Engine Driven Welder, Square Wave® 200 TIG Welder, POWER MIG® 210 MP® Multi-Process Welder and a POWER MIG 255 MIG Welder.

He has grown to love and trust Lincoln Electric products which made it an easy decision to choose Torchmate when shopping for a CNC plasma cutting table. MHIW purchased its Torchmate 4400 in October, 2020. Now the machine has become a vital part of the business and is used nearly every day. Sean said, “Before purchasing a Torchmate, I was only able to fabricate enough handrail for houses to complete 1 job every month. Now I am able to produce almost 180 feet worth of handrail for separate houses and can complete 3 houses in 1 month. Also, I can now make parts faster and do repairs on heavy equipment using metal I cut on our Torchmate 4400.” The Torchmate has elevated Moonhiil Ironwork’s production speed and capabilities.


“Torchmate Machines are a lot Simpler to Operate than other Brands”

At Torchmate we never stop innovating and one of our goals is to manufacture products that are durable and easy to use. During our interview with Sean, he spoke about his experience operating the Torchmate 4400 in the course of the first six months of owning the machine.

“There are two sides of using and learning the table, the machine side which includes understanding 0 point and basic operations. I used the Torchmate training videos to learn the basic operations of the table. The second side is understanding the plasma, electrical system and maintenance. The operation of the Torchmate table is a lot simpler than other companies. I have a friend who owns a different brand CNC plasma cutting table, but the company went out of business so he has no way to troubleshoot. I also asked a different business about their struggles of owning a less reputable brand of CNC plasma cutting machine. They told me when their machine breaks down it is difficult to find someone to fix it. They have to deal with multiple companies such as Hypertherm, CAD and others to diagnose and fix a problem. When I first received the Torchmate 4400, I had a couple of questions. I called Torchmate tech support and they walked me through the answers quickly and with ease.”

When one is looking to purchase a CNC plasma cutting table, it is important to consider the value of experienced and accessible tech support and machine warranty options; both of which are provided to customers who choose Torchmate.

Words of Wisdom for New Fabrication Businesses

Moonhill Iron Works has become a thriving business. Sean has learned what does and does not work when building a fabrication company. He gave valuable insight about what it takes to create a successful business. “Purchase a Torchmate right off the bat, but make sure you get some sort of education before buying it. In general, if you invest in this kind of machinery, whether it’s for hobby or full manufacturing, the money comes back into your pocket way easier and faster.

Tochmate has invested the time and money to provide customers with a great solid machine and a solid platform to best help you earn a profit. It is important to still have patience when starting out. Learn what you need to do and then execute your plan,” said Sean. At Torchmate, our success depends on our customer’s success.
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