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Metal Fabrication Business in California Grows With A Torchmate Plasma Table

Located in Apple Valley, California, May-Day Metal Worx is an American made, veteran owned and operated metal fabrication business. They specialize in fabricating custom metal art, signs, ornamental decor and fire pits and much more. May-Day Metal Worx started like many fabrication businesses. Owner, Daniel Armstrong Jr., originally started with little experience and a vision.

In the beginning, he was fabricating small projects and gifts for friends and family. Daniel was using intensive and time consuming fabrication methods. He was using tools like die grinders, angle grinders and even dremel tools. Daniel’s drive for creating a fabrication business comes from his passion helping others bring their ideas to life.

Once the demand started outpacing his ability to fabricate with hand tools, Daniel started looking for solutions to increase May-Day Metalworx’s production capabilities and cut quality. Eventually, it was an easy decision to purchase a Torchmate 4800 CNC plasma cutting table. Daniel knew it was the perfect tool to grow the business.

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"Torchmate Academy and Customer Support Made Me Feel Confident”

Making a large investment like a Torchmate table can be nerve racking. The Torchmate team works around the clock to constantly innovate our machines to improve the ease of use, training material and the setup of all Torchmate tables. We want customers with little to no CNC machine experience, like Daniel, to feel comfortable purchasing a Torchmate. To achieve this, we provide all the resources necessary to allow customers to operate the machine at a high level that will turn their investment into profitability.

Daniel shared his experience purchasing and learning the Torchmate table. “I chose the Torchmate 4800 from Lincoln Electric® for a few reasons. It's a name you can trust, it's an industry leader, they manufacture everything on this table. There’s only one number to call to get any type of support you need and to top it off, the Torchmate Academy they offer just makes life easy when learning how to use this tool. The Torchmate table set-up process was simple and straightforward. We pulled it off the pallet and placed it in its new home quickly and easily. Being that I had zero experience with CNC and plasma related tools, I was unsure what to expect when buying a Torchmate. However, the Torchmate Academy and top tier customer service that is offered by Torchmate, made me feel confident that I was making the right choice. Torchmate Academy was so straightforward and clear that I was cutting my own files to perfection within the first two weeks of delivery. I have also called their tech support a couple times and they have always been able to point me in the right direction. From questions on running the table to ordering replacement parts, Torchmate customer support has always been able to help me with ease.”

At Torchmate, we offer these resources because we want our customers to start cutting and making money as soon as possible after they purchase their machine.

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“We Wouldn’t be in Business Without Our Torchmate 4800”

May-Day Metal Worx has now had its Torchmate 4800 for over a year and it is the foundation of the business. It has completely transformed the business’s capabilities and profitability. The Torchmate gets used every week and almost every product May-Day Metal Worx offers is made using the Torchmate table. During our conversation with Daniel, he explained how purchasing the Torchmate 4800 has impacted his business.

“To say that the Torchmate 4800 has impacted our business would be an understatement. We would not have a business without our table. To anyone out there considering buying one of these Torchmate machines, I highly recommend you do. It has allowed us not only to expand our shop capabilities, but to create an entirely new, separate business as well. I still feel I have not reached any limitations with the Torchmate 4800. This machine is so capable and it handles everything I need it to do.”

“You Are Only Limited to Your Imagination with Torchmate”

The team at Torchmate understands there are many CNC plasma cutting table brands for fabricators to choose from.

It is important we learn why customers choose or do not choose the Torchmate brand and to find out their level of satisfaction. May-Day Metal Worx closed out the conversation with kind words after we asked if they would recommend the Torchmate table to other fabricators in the industry. “To anyone out there who has considered or even looked at these Torchmate 4800 tables, just pull the trigger and get it. It is not only going to be a huge money and time saver, but you are going to unlock so many new ways to fabricate projects it is going to blow your mind. You are literally limited to your own imagination. I would highly recommend any business to consider adding the Torchmate Technology to their operation. Whether you have experience with tables like this or are completely brand new to it, it is a choice you will not lose with,” Daniel said.

Check out May-Day Metal Worx social channels. On their Instagram page, May-Day Metal Worx displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Additionally, customers can place orders for custom or personalized projects they would like made. For more information about the business, please visit their Instagram, & Website pages.


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