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Jesse Haines Torchmate® Review - Off Road Fabrication

Small shop? No problem!

The Torchmate CNC plasma cutting table was key to the successful startup of another business.

Anyone in Reno, Nevada with an interest in taking 4 wheels off road has likely been to the Wild West Motorsports Park. The park is a destination in the official Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Many other off road events are hosted on the property, including the SuperCrawl rock crawling world championship. The vehicles that compete in these events need custom parts to give them an edge over the competition. Jesse Haines Fabrication is one of the best shops in the Reno, Nevada area that can make the custom parts those vehicles need.

All in One Machine


Jesse Haines, owner of Jessie Haines Fabrication, started the company nearly a decade ago. He has become a master fabricator over the years and provides exceptional quality for every project that comes his way. JHF specializes in chassis, roller chassis, chassis designs, turnkey cars, custom cars and manufactured off road parts. He builds many parts for the buggies that compete at Wild West Motorsports Park.

“One of the key tools that we use is the Torchmate 4400 machine. When I was just starting out it was way easier to begin by having a Torchmate 4400 because it replaces so many other metalworking machines that I just didn't have the space or the room for. We constantly use the Torchmate to cut out all the parts for all the buggies.”

Upgraded Machines – Great Community Support – Impressive Quality Cuts

We at Lincoln love all things motorsports so we decided to sponsor the SuperCrawl by making the trophies for the event. We invited Jesse to visit the Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems factory in Reno, Nevada to see exactly how the trophies were designed and cut on the new line of Torchmate 4x00 tables and Flexcut machines. Jesse had great things to say about his experience.

“Lincoln is sponsoring the trophies this year for the event and they're cutting them out on the new 4400 and 4800 machines which were released a few months ago and these are a huge advancement since the machine that I have from five years ago. What I really like about these machines compared to the older Torchmate machines is that the guidance system is way better than before. It looks like it will stand up to shop conditions a lot better and now Lincoln has their whole system that comes with the Flexcut 80 plasma cutter and the touchscreen computer. The winners of the 2016 SuperCrawl competition should be more than excited about the trophies from Lincoln. The quality of them is incredibly impressive for a shop sized machine like this.”


The 2020 Torchmate 4400 and 4800 Model Information and Updates!

The 2020 models of the Torchmate 4400 (4x4) and 4800 (4x8) CNC plasma cutting tables bring you a refreshed and enhanced machine delivering you the most desired new features from customers and making the machine easier than ever to operate! New touchscreen improvements allow you to simply enter the material type and thickness and your cut settings will be set automatically! This will ensure you are always cutting at the right settings and you won't have to worry about finding the cut charts online or in your manual.

This also means that even a new operator can be confident that they are entering the correct cut settings for your new machine. There are a variety of other new touchscreen features that are now enabled, along with the now standard Laser Pointer attachment, and the all new Torchmate 4000 TC Pipe and Round Tube cutting attachment! Watch the video below for more details!

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