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Torchmate® Transformed the Imagination of this Business


Infectious Metal Works in Arizona Uses Torchmate to Grow

Infectious Metal Works is a family owned business located in Mesa, Arizona. About 4 years ago, the business purchased a Torchmate 2x4 Growth Series table. Ever since, Infectious Metal Works has entered a new realm of creativity. Dave Castorina, owner of Infectious Metal Works, orginally purchased a Torchmate table to make brackets and one-off parts. ”While learning to use the machine and CAD software, I found a love for creating art pieces. What you can create with a Torchmate machine is almost endless, you are only limited by your imagination!” said Dave. This new found love caught the interest of others which allowed Dave to sell his custom art pieces for a profit. After a consistent rise in demand, Infectious Metal Works has transformed into an entire business that specializes in metal art fabrications.



Torchmate Machines are Worth Every Penny

Purchasing a Torchmate CNC plasma cutting table is a large investment and can seem overwhelming at first. However, Lincoln Electric® strives to provide as many resources as possible for customers to make owning a Torchmate simple and rewarding. Dave explained his thoughts when first purchasing his Torchmate. “I will admit I was a little intimidated at first. There were moments of ‘what did I get myself into,’ but I pressed on and learning the machine really wasn’t so bad. It was well worth every penny and all of the time learning CAD and other machine operations.”

Now, Infectious Metal Works uses their Torchmate table daily. Dave told us the amount of time and money that has been saved because of the Torchmate is astronomical. “If you don’t have a Torchmate machine in your shop, you are missing out. There are lots of tables out there and a lot of cheap ones, but the horror stories that come with those cheap tables is not worth the headache” said Dave. After a brief learning curve, Infectious Metal Works is already looking to expand the business by purchasing a new model Torchmate.


“Torchmate has Top-notch Customer Service”

It is not uncommon for customers to have little to no CAD or CNC machine experience. Lincoln Electric has developed a plethora of resources that help beginners and even advanced CNC machine users. Online and in-person Torchmate CAD and machine classes are available. Additionally, Lincoln Electric offers industry leading technical support. Before purchasing a Torchmate table, Dave had no prior experience with CAD programs or CNC machines. He began learning on his own and then discovered all the resources available for learning how to operate Torchmate tables. He further increased his knowledge of the machine. “Torchmate has a top-notch customer service team that is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful in every way possible. I seriously can’t say enough about their customer service technicians! There are also a lot of helpful video tutorials on their site and Torchmate Academy resource videos. The free resources from Torchmate are priceless and I highly doubt anyone could compete with them in that alone,” said Dave.

Torchmate is as Versatile as They Come

Torchmate tables are the only CNC plasma cutting machines one will need in their shop. Our machines are designed to cater to a wide range of fabrication needs. Torchmate tables are capable of creating and cutting nearly any metal work that may be desired. Dave shared what he loves about his Torchmate table. “I love when a customer or I need something you can’t just get off a shelf, or even if you can, I can just take a few measurements, do a quick drawing in CAD, then cut the piece all in just minutes. I have cut copper, stainless, aluminum and mild steel from 20 gauge to 1’’ thick! It is very versatile. I also have the plate marker that can open even more possibilities. Torchmate’s new table’s and plate marker are even better and I hope to be able to upgrade to one.” All of these capabilities make Torchmate machines a one-stop shop for many fabricators across the globe. Check out Infectious Metal Works social channels. On their Instagram page, Infectious Metal Works displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Additionally, customers can place orders on their website for custom or personalized projects they would like conveniently shipped to them. For more information about the business, please visit their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Website pages.






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