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Gator Pit BBQ Uses Torchmate® to Build Popular Grills and Smokers

Ritch Owner


Torchmate® is used to cut world-recognized grills and smokers

Gator Pit is a company that designs, constructs and sells custom-made barbecue pits, backyard grills and smokers, tailgating grills and smokers and trailer mounted pits. The business is located in Houston, Texas and was formed by founder and owner, Ritch Robin. Ritch has always enjoyed welding, fabrication and design. As a high school student, he focused on learning to become a skilled welder and fabricator. He spent 4 years in the Future Farmers of America program which is when he designed and manufactured his first barbeque pit. Ritch was only 14 years old.

After graduating from high school, he joined the Army Reserves. While in the Reserves, he attended and graduated from Fort Leonardwood, Missouri Engineering School and later completed his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. When Ritch was pursuing various careers and designing barbeque pits, he quickly realized that his only true passion was in barbeque pit design and manufacturing.

Then in 1996, with propper planning, he created Gator Pit. The business has grown significantly over the years. Today, Gator Pit is recognized world-wide in the barbecue manufacturing industry. They have been featured on major television networks such as the History Channel, Discover Channel, Destination America and VICE network.

Gator Pit has also been featured in magazines such as Texas Monthly, Houston Family Magazine and other publishers around the world. To achieve this level of success and recognition, it is important to have top of the line equipment so Gator Pit can produce work that is the highest of quality. Ritch only buys the best machinery on the market. Almost one year ago, Ritch purchased a Torchmate 4510 table and paired it with a FlexCut® 80. He now uses the table every week for various projects.


“Torchmate allowed us to bring our innovative designs to market”

We asked Ritch how the Purchase of the Torchmate 4510 has impacted the business.

“Before the Torchmate, we were cutting by hand and outsourcing what we couldn’t cut by hand. It has made our job a lot easier and faster. The machine and the software have been easy to learn and operate which says a lot when not one of my employees has ever used or ran a CNC plasma table. Our production is now faster and cheaper because we don’t have to pay and wait for outsourcing. The Torchmate also allowed us to increase our product line. We are now able to design and make products that were only imaginable on paper. We have been able to introduce those innovative designs to the market which would not have been possible without the Torchmate table.”

One of Gator Pit’s most popular designs was featured in the Premier episode of the “King of the Grill” reality television show seen on the Discovery Channel. The centerpiece of the show was a one-of-a-kind space shuttle barbecue pit for Galactic Coast Brewing, a Houston-area microbrewery.

At 21 feet long, the space shuttle pit Gator Pit BBQ features triple beer taps, a 24"x48" main cooking chamber and most impressively, triple flamethrowers located inside the engine nozzles. Each flamethrower is a 2 million BTU dual-feed burner that can create a 20' flame. This is one of many of Gator Pit’s projects that have been recognized by national and global press. After over 20 years of business, the company is just getting started. The creative opportunities that Torchmate makes possible will continue to skyrocket Gator Pit’s success and brand recognition.


Why Gator Pit chose Torchmate by Lincoln Electric®

Torchmate is an industry leader in the CNC plasma cutting table market. Our tables produce exceptional reliability and repeatability. Every component of the machine, including the software, is designed and manufactured by Lincoln Electric. By producing single sourced equipment, we are able to provide fast and excellent technical support to our thousands of customers across the world. Ritch explained why he chose Torchmate over every other brand.

“I chose Torchmate because of the reputation of Lincoln Electric and their innovative technology. Also, the biggest factor is I only have to deal with Torchmate support when I have questions or potential issues. I don’t have to contact anyone else when I have had to call tech support. It is just one phone call. That alone was worth any additional costs over other CNC tables. The others are cheap in quality and get their computers, software, tables, parts and components from multiple companies. I don’t mind paying for the quality and great customer service.

The two times I had to contact support they were prompt, courteous and informative. All of the tech support folks seemed to really want to solve my issue or answer my questions and have always done so. I felt comfortable and confident in purchasing a Torchmate table. I recommend the Torchmate all the time. I wish I had purchased it years ago. From sales, to delivery, to tech support, Torchmate has been great. It speaks volumes about a company when you know they are there when you need. Choosing Torchmate was a no brainer. Get one, trust me. I save 50% to 75% cutting in-house on my Torchmate versus outsourcing to others. The Torchmate will have paid for itself within 12 months. And, I don’t have to deal with other shop’s lead time. I can cut anything we need at the drop of a hat. It gives full control back to my shop.”

Check out Gator Pit’s social channels. On their Website, Gator Pit displays a wide variety of grills, smokers, barbecue pits and other quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Customers can place orders for custom or personalized projects. Additionally, Gator Pit frequently posts new content on all of their social media platforms. Visitors will find behind the scenes photos and videos about how the company manufactures such unique products. To view Gator Pit’s social content, place an order with them or for more information about the business, please visit their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Website.


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