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 Chernoh Metal Design Grows Their Metal Sign Business After Adding Torchmate® CNC Plasma Table to Their Operation

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Chernoh Metal Design Purchased a Torchmate after Visiting the Torchmate® Manufacturing Facility

Chernoh Metal Design is a custom fabrication shop located in Lake County, California. Owner, Evan Chernoh, founded Chernoh Metal Design. Instead of taking the traditional college route, Evan focused on starting his own business. He wanted to work with his hands and enter the metal fabrication industry. He had always been around construction, industrial equipment, motorsports and welding which provided Evan with plenty of knowledge to start his own business. He began learning multiple fabrication skills one at a time.

At first, Evan learned to weld because he knew there was high demand for welding in most metal fabrication applications. He taught himself how to paint metal and has continued expanding his fabrication skills. Eventually, Evan was ready to expand into CNC plasma cutting to further his capabilities. He told us why the Torchmate 4800 CNC plasma cutting table was the machine he decided to purchase.

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“I researched a lot of tables and it was clear Torchmate was the best. I was originally going to get the Torchmate 4400, but I saw an opportunity to purchase the 4800 so I could do work other local shops could not do. I visited a local welding class that had a different brand of 4x4 CNC table and it was not nearly as good of a machine. I also saw YouTube videos and social posts on Torchmate’s social media pages. There is a ton of up to date useful information and content posted which gave me confidence in purchasing a Torchmate. What further increased my confidence in choosing Torchmate was the interaction I had with them at their Reno, Nevada manufacturing facility. I was at an Ultra 4 race at Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks, Nevada and realized the Lincoln Electric® Cutting Systems facility was only thirty minutes away. I went to visit the facility to check out the tables. I liked what I saw and everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.”

Torchmate® Training Classes are a Great Asset for Torchmate Customers

Evan purchased his Torchmate in 2019 and had nearly no CNC machine or software experience. He started slowly learning everything on the fly, project by project. He decided to take the Torchmate in-house training class to accelerate his learning curve. Evan said that after he took the class, he was able to design parts in 5 minutes. He said the class taught him much more than just the Torchmate CAD software. He now knows when to change consumables and is able to troubleshoot common user errors. He told us he wished he had taken the training class a lot sooner because it taught him how to unleash the full capabilities of the Torchmate machine.

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“I am completing Jobs that Seemed Impossible in 1 to 2 Hours with Torchmate”

Evan has now taken Chernoh Metal Design to the next level with his ability to operate the Torchmate table quickly and efficiently. He now cuts anything from home décor to custom parts for construction equipment. There are busy times when Evan’s Torchmate table gets used all week long. “There are so many projects I thought I would never do and now it only takes me one to two hours to complete those projects. I would definitely recommend the Torchmate machine and its technology to anyone in the metal fabrication industry. The ease of use and how simple the table is to learn is a huge selling point. The tech support is great and always helps quickly when needed. A lot of companies don’t answer the phone or call back when trying to get support or even when inquiring about a machine,” Evan said. Included in this article are photos of Evan’s Torchmate 4800 table and some home décor work he cut using the machine.

Check out Chernoh Metal Design’s social channels. On their Instagram page, Chernoh Metal Design displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications they have created. For more information about Chernoh Metal Design, please visit their Facebook, & Instagram pages.


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