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Torchmate® has Saved Big Tool Manufacturing Substantial Time & Money

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Big Tool Manufacturing

Big Tool Manufacturing is a diverse general fabrication shop located in Anaheim, California. It takes on production runs up to thousands of pieces all the way down to prototype fabrication. Big Tool Manufacturing was established in 2009 by owner, Robert Poole II. His passion for fabrication started when he built his first car in his parent’s garage at the age of 14. Robert got a 1965 Ford Falcon shell and started building the car from the ground up. It took him two and a half years, but he learned a lot of lessons during the process.

When Big Tool Manufacturing was first formed, its fabrication consisted of making a project drawing by hand. It would then email it to a local cutting house, receive a quote, approve the cutting, order the material, and wait for the parts to be cut. “It was quite the inefficient process. I am not sure how we stayed competitive with pricing and lead times in the years before we purchased the Torchmate 4800,” said Robert. “Our Torchmate table increased our capabilities right out of the gate. We were able to shorten lead times significantly and offer more competitive pricing. The savings from bringing this fabrication process in-house, freed up other funds and allowed us to purchase more equipment sooner.”



No CAD Experience, No Problem

When Robert first purchased a Torchmate 4800 in early 2017, he had little to no CAD experience. Using CAD was one of his biggest concerns when looking for CNC plasma cutting tables. Once the Torchmate arrived at Big Tool Manufacturing, Robert had the machine setup and running in just a couple of hours. The next step was to learn the Torchmate CAD software.

Robert gave us insight about his experience learning CAD. “I was intimidated by CAD in the beginning, so I took the training course in Reno, NV and have never looked back. Since then, I have been able to design every part without any help. It is a very easy to use software with tools that make designing parts a quick process. The Lincoln Electric Torchmate Technology was a steppingstone for our business. Because of the success with CAD, we have since bought a vertical machining center and have taken our in-house capabilities through the roof!”

Torchmate has prioritized the TMCAD software as an essential component of all Torchmate machines. TMCAD is a competitive advantage Torchmate has over other CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers. Robert has used other brands of CNC machines and provided great insight as to why he enjoys how his Torchmate table hosts a software also created by Torchmate. “Other brands were not even close to the Torchmate. Software was not provided by the other CNC manufacturers which made it hard to get tech support. Over time, other companies and their tech support were not as willing to help like Torchmate does.”


Torchmate Helped BTM Obtain Customers in the Aerospace Industry

Big Tool Manufacturing’s capabilities have significantly increased since purchasing the Torchmate 4800. BTM can now fabricate one off parts or a stack of sheets for production runs. The 4800 can do it all. Robert said the company uses its table daily and it has turned into a huge profit generator for the business. The fabrication abilities the Torchmate technology provides, has given Big Tool Manufacturing the opportunity to secure customers in most industries, including aerospace, construction, waterworks, service industries, wholesale and even racecar fabrication. “You will use this machine more than you ever thought you would! This became a profit center almost immediately after our purchase and we have never looked back,” Robert said, referring to the Torchmate 4800 machine.

Torchmate Versus the Rest

It is often asked how Torchmate is different than other CNC machine brands. We have many competitive advantages, such as our industry leading tech support or the fact Torchmate is 100% single sourced from Lincoln Electric and made in Reno, Nevada. Robert Poole made it known he has researched and used other CNC machine brands. He ultimately chose Torchmate and we wanted to know his thoughts on why. “My favorite thing about the Torchmate table is how straight forward the software is. It makes fabricating quick and easy. Once you get your machine settings dialed in on materials and thicknesses it is as simple as plugging in the numbers and hitting that green button. This makes it possible for anyone in the shop to be taught how to run the machine. Choosing Torchmate was one of the easiest decisions I have made. Torchmate stands behind their product 100% whether it is tech questions or function of the machine. I could not have asked for a more stand up company! I have recommended Lincoln Electric and Torchmate and will continue to do so. This machine has brought more value than any other investment we’ve ever made. It still surprises me every day how much of an impact this has had on our business.”

Check out Big Tool Manufacturing’s social channels. On their Instagram page, BTM displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Additionally, customers can place orders for custom or personalized projects they would like fabricated. For more information about Big Tool Manufacturing, please visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.






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