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California Company Builds Classic Mustangs With Parts From The Torchmate 4800

Autoworks International Mustang Parts is a custom fabrication shop located in Santee, California. The company builds classic Mustangs from mild to wild, from basic repairs to wild SEMA show vehicles. It is into heavily modifying classic Mustangs and turning an old school muscle car into a modern day super car. The business was born from Matt Couper’s love of classic Mustangs and that love parlayed into a way of life. Matt is the owner and lead fabricator at Autoworks International Mustang Parts. He has been in the custom auto fabrication business for over 25 years and started modifying cars when he was a young boy.

Matt grew up in New Zealand where there is a lot more freedom to modify cars which is where he did his first engine swap at only 14 years old. He has been hooked on performance modifications ever since.

“We load up classic Mustangs with modern tech, suspension and drivetrain. We often have to fabricate parts and brackets for that custom touch, and that’s when our Lincoln Electric® Torchmate 4800 really shines,” said Matt.

torchmate cutting


“Before purchasing our Torchmate 4800 table we had to fabricate parts using traditional tools such as hand-held plasma cutters, which makes it very difficult to reproduce items with any degree of accuracy. We mostly resorted to old school cutting and grinding. Cutting metal to the shape you need can be difficult and tedious and adds a lot more time to the fabrication process. As a fabricator, hand cutting the material can be one of the most dreaded parts of the process.

Our Torchmate table has allowed us to fabricate custom parts for our builds at a faster pace while being more precise, more detailed and it gives us the ability to replicate those parts for future builds. In addition to that, we can now create custom parts for our retail customer. Prior to our Torchmate, we had to outsource projects to 3rd party machinists. Now we can do everything in house saving us both time and money and increasing our profits. We no longer need a 3rd party to help us build our own products,” Matt told us.

Autoworks International Mustang Parts now uses their Torchmate extremely often. Many of the products listed on their website were made with the help of their Torchmate 4800. The table also gets used whenever they need a custom or unique part for any of their builds. “One of my favorite things about the Torchmate cutting table is how easy it is to create something. Turn your machine on, cut your parts out, go grab some coffee and pick up your parts when it’s done. I also love the fact that I can replicate these custom parts now because I have the existing files prebuilt and saved,” Matt wrote. Matt has gotten skilled at using his Torchmate, but we wanted to know how easy it was for him to setup and learn the table software and why he chose Torchmate over all the rest.

cylinder bracket


“Our Torchmate 4800 system was an easy, straightforward setup. We used a forklift to lift it in place and all the connections just plugged right in. Learning to use the CAD software was a challenge only because I’ve never done anything like it before. But after a year of practice, watching the available videos Torchmate offers, developing my own tricks and getting some repetitions, I’m very confident with it now. The very first project I started was way over my head and yet it still came out awesome. The Torchmate Academy was fun and offered some great tips,” Matt said. Matt decided to use our online resources such as Torchmate Academy and Torchmate University to learn the Torchmate CAD software and how to skillfully operate the table.

At Torchmate, we offer many forms of training to help our customers become experts at Torchmate CAD and machine operation as fast and easy as possible. In addition to Torchmate Academy, we offer in-person training as well as live virtual training. During these training sessions, customers will receive real time training from our machine experts and will have a more personalized experience.
When asked why Matt chose Torchmate, he gave us a thorough response. “Torchmate customer service is top notch and very helpful. I never felt like I was all alone on this as there’s a number of resources in various forms to help you along the way. I did quite a bit of research on the different CNC plasma cutting tables on the market.

Lincoln Electric® is a company I was already familiar with as they’re already known to make great equipment. I’ve used their hand-held plasma cutter in the past with great success. After reading some reviews on their great customer service, and then seeing how intuitive the software is, I made up my mind and have no regrets. I would definitely recommend the Lincoln Electric Torchmate 4800 to anyone who’s in the business of custom fabrication. It makes custom fabrication simpler. It’s less time consuming, more precise and allows you to make your cool custom work repeatable with much greater ease. We’ve been able to get more creative with our classic Mustang builds, offer a bigger variety of custom parts for our retail customers and we save a bunch of time and money while doing it!”

Check out Autoworks International Mustang Parts social channels. On their Instagram page, Autoworks Parts displays a wide variety of classic cars and parts as well as quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Additionally, customers can place orders for custom or personalized parts and projects they would like conveniently shipped to them. For more information about AIP, please visit their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Website pages.


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