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Artful MetalWorx Showcases Their Metal Art Business Using the Torchmate 4800

Artful MetalWorx is a veteran owned metal art business located in the stunning northern Gerorgia mountains. After returning from service and working in the corporate world, owner and Marine Corps veteran, Damon Gabriel, moved to the lovely town, Ellijay. He and his wife became fascinated in metal art and thought, “Let’s get a Torchmate plasma-cutting table, operate out of a small barn, make metal art as a creative outlet and maybe do some traveling tent sales for fun.” In June 2019, Damon, with the help of his shop partner and patina master, Scott Schrader, launched Artful MetalWorx to embolden and inspire the modern steadfast person whose heart and mind are open. The reception once they started sharing their work was unbelievable.

It took them by surprise, but also further fueled the fire to create a successful business. The demand for Artful MetalWorx art continued to grow. Shortly after, Damon and his wife were able to quit their corporate jobs and pursue their business full time. “We owe a lot of our success to our Torchmate 4800 table. Without it, we would not have a business.”



“$15,000 per Month in Sales Made From Torchmate 4800”

In less than a year, Artful Metalworx has seen rapid growth. Many factors have contributed to this amount of success. Shop equipment, smart business decisions and quality of work are the three biggest competitive advantages Artful MetalWorx possesses. From the start, Damon knew the value of reliable equipment. He previously owned Lincoln Electric® welders, the Flexcut® 80 and eventually the Torchmate 4800 plasma cutting table.

With top of the line equipment in check, the next step was making the right business decisions to generate growth and interest. The company transitioned into a shop, positioned itself well within the local community and strategically grew its presence on social media. The third characteristic that allowed Artful MetalWorx to excel was the quality of metal work they provide their customers. They use the finest quality 12 gauge steel to cut each piece of metal art to perfection. Their patina or finishing process is what makes the business stand out.

After much trial and error, Artful MetalWorx has found the right mix of materials to protect the piece AND bring out incredible color variations in the metal art. Each piece is hand-finished and is heirloom-quality. Additionally, each creation is sealed for life and is suitable indoors or outdoors. These competitive advantages stack up to generate “roughly $15,000 in sales per month made from our Torchmate 4800 table,” according to Damon.

With this amount of demand, Artful MetalWorx now has a retail store named Artful Ellijay. It is a home décor and accessories store filled with custom fabricated pieces. The store not only contains fabrications from Artful MetalWorx, but also features pieces from other local artisans. The growth of Damon’s business is healthy and thriving.


Torchmate is Perfect for Large and Small Businesses

Artful MetalWorx uses their Torchmate 4800 no less than 8 hours per day – 5 days a week. The crew at Artful is knowledgeable about the Torchmate table’s capabilities and features. During our conversation, we asked them why they chose Torchmate and what some of their favorite features of the table are. Damon answered, “To start, the quality of product is outstanding, it can be abused and can answer any of my needs. Secondly, the customer service is unmatched.

I hadn’t done anything before the class with Iggy and now I feel like an expert. I know the company and the support team always have my back. I don’t know why anybody would choose another brand. Another reason I chose the Lincoln Electric Torchmate was because of all the table options offered. This is important for fab business starting out or looking to expand. Choose a company that can support you in your infancy as well as your growth and peak stages. Torchmate offers an industrial option which is something we can grow into, and tables perfect for small to mid-size businesses. Before purchasing I asked myself, ‘Was a hobby table going to be sufficient?’ No.


Going with Lincoln allows them to grow in the future. When you don’t have to think about calling 4 companies it is a huge stress reliever, you won’t have time to wait for customer service and with Lincoln Electric you don’t have to think about that stuff. The great warranty is just an added bonus!” We appreciate the kind words Damon. At Lincoln Electric, we know the value of providing a large selection of plasma cutting tables to fit all types of fabrication needs.

Using Torchmate to Honor our Country’s Heroes

Artful MetalWorx owner, Damon, wanted the business to support a higher cause. Being that he was a former Marine, he had an idea to honor the nation’s heroes. Thus, The New Battlefield was born. The New Battlefield is Artful MetalWorx’s design, honoring nurses, doctors and first responders. The tattered flag design is used to most accurately pay homage to the severity of the current global crisis and the brutality of the fight our nurses, doctors and first responders are facing right this moment. Artful MetalWorx wanted to do its part by donating 10% of all its sales through June 1, 2020 to organizations directly benefiting healthcare workers on the front lines. “From one service-person to another, thank you,” said Damon.

We have provided a picture of The New Battlefield piece and it can be purchased on Artful MetalWorx’s website here. At Lincoln Electric, we are proud that each and every New Battlefield piece is made on a Torchmate table.


Check out Artful MetalWorx on their social channels. On their Instagram page, Artful MetalWorx displays a wide variety of quality metal fabrications that are available for sale. Additionally, customers can place orders for custom or personalized projects they would like conveniently shipped to them. For more information about the business, please visit their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy & Website pages.




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