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CNC for Small Shops


Small shops (generally) must mind space and cost, while attempting to decrease productivity costs and achieve high function. Focusing on these issues Torchmate's product manager, Josh Schohn discusses in this video CNC machines for small shops, particularly our Growth Series 2X2.

For space, this compact plasma cutter operates within a 3x3 foot perimeter. Mind the sparks and flammable material as well- the surrounding area needs to be compatible to flying sparks. For easier storage and maneuvering, the 2X2 can be put on casters or wheels.

Plasma is not laser, but has its place in the metal world- especially at a percentage of the cost of laser. If you plan to weld or bend material, plasma is a great solution. And the possibility of this CNC machine is only limited by imagination. 

For more on the CNC in a small shop, watch the entire video.