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Torchmate® Success Packages - Get Financial Bonuses and Premier Training For Ultimate Peace of Mind and Operate Your Machine Like a Pro the Day it Arrives! 

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Torchmate Success Packages

Torchmate Success Packages are the best way for you to get up and running successfully with your new Torchmate machine in as little time as possible. The packages offer training options that fit your needs. Our Bronze package offers Torchmate Academy – our on demand video training that is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Torchmate Academy delivers you everything you need to know about operating your new Torchmate table. Our Silver package includes Torchmate Academy as well as a Virtual Group Training class. Our Gold package allows you to visit us on site at our Reno Nevada facility, or in Cleveland, Ohio to receive in person training on a Torchmate.

By choosing one of these packages you will be able to operate your machine with confidence and be able to rapidly integrate the machine into your day to day operation. Best of all, these packages provide an incredible financial incentive to offset the cost – a $750 credit you can use for future consumable purchases for your machine. We know that if you take our expert training, you’ll be another successful Torchmate user. We’re so invested in your success that we will provide a huge financial incentive for you to complete Torchmate Academy!

In addition, we want to make these packages as attractive as possible because we know if you're able to operate your machine well you'll be a happy Torchmate customer for life. To do that, included at every level, we are offering consumables discount packages for up to 2 years depending on which success package you choose.

With the Gold and Silver packages, you also receive a consumables kit valued at $1,000 meaning these packages are ideal for those of you intending to cut several hours a day.

With Torchmate live group training sessions with virtual training, we go through the process of running one of our 4000 series machines step by step and live from our virtual training studio to your workshop. The instructor can interact with you live and help you operate your machine successfully.

If you prefer a hands-on in-person experience, then the Gold package is for you. You'll be able to attend one of our live training sessions at our manufacturing facility in either Reno, Nevada or Cleveland Ohio to learn from our instructors in person. The three-day class starts with you learning the Torchmate CAD software and finishes with you cutting out the projects that you designed on our table. Our expert trainers will be there walking you through the process and taking your questions.

Give us a call today at (866) 571-1066 to learn more about Torchmate tables, or Request a Quote!