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CNC Plasma Cutting Gantry Kits

  • Overview

    Torchmate X Gantry

    Torchmate X Gantry Kits provide the optimal solution when a custom table is needed. Shops and manufacturers can order a CNC gantry kit up to 8 feet wide, with some Torchmate gantry kits spanning up to 42 feet long. Ship yards, steel suppliers, rail car fabricators, barge builders, and other heavy industrial applications benefit from the increased production throughput of a maximum length table.

    The gantry kit provides our customers with a money saving option, as building the water table and rail supports on location has a big impact on reducing shipping costs. The gantries come fully assembled and are ready to be laid onto the gear racks and rails once the table is constructed. The construction of the table is easy to accomplish if your facility is already complete with welding equipment and staff.

    Gantry kits come in both Torchmate X and XHD models. High definition gantry kits come with a slightly modified gantry that has been engineered to house the larger 400-watt servo motors. They also come with larger spur gears and 35:1 low backlash gearboxes. Traditional Torchmate X gantry kits are equipped to run lighter air plasma torches that use far less amperage than the high definition alternatives. 

    Additional Torchmate X System Options

    TMXHD TMX Air plasma TMX Gantry Kit

    We will design a machine for your specific requirements when you call our sales team at 775-673-2200 Monday- Friday, 6:30 am-4:00pm PT.

    North America (775) 673-2200 | South America: (775) 624-9029 | Brazil (+55) 19 3115 2711


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  • Specifications

    Machine Size

    • 5’x10’ to 8’x60’
    • 5’X10’ machine leaves 96”x151” footprint


    Table Type

    • Gantry Kit or Fully Built Machine

    Model Features

    • Welded with 6-axis robot
    • Adjustable water height on water table
    • Low backlash 10:1 gearboxes
    • Durable powder coat finish
    • Easy access doors for cleaning
    • Angled support slats for increased life
    • Complete in house testing prior to shipment on fully assembled systems

    Standard Equipment

    • Choice of water or zoned downdraft table
    • Full cable carrier system included


    • Steel fabricated gantry with dual x-axis drive
    • Precision y-axis linear guide—the ultimate in accuracy and durability
    • Precision ground x-axis guide rails—.001 tolerances, 63 Micro finish, custom made in the USA

    Electronics/Motion System    

    • Two X-axis 380 oz. in. stepper motors or two 152 oz. in. servo motors
    • One Y-axis 380 oz. in stepper motor or one 152 oz. in servo motor
    • 8 amp micro stepping or servo drives

    User Controls

    • PC based control software with USB interface


    • Approximately 5500 to 5800 lbs for 5’ x 10’ system (dependent on package selected)

    Input Power

    • 15 amp/ 110 volt for controls
    • 220 volt models available for international customers


    Cutting Area

    • 5’x10’ to 8’x60’

    Cutting Capacity

    • 2”+ thick plate
    • Up to 13 in. thick (Tool dependent)

    Drive System

    • Rack and pinion with 10:1 low backlash gearbox reduction

    Traverse Speed

    • Up to 1500 ipm

    Cut Speed

    • Up to 500 ipm

    Machine Resolution        

    • Approximately .0004”

    Available Plasma Units    

    Compatible with most plasma cutters

    Lincoln Electric

    • Tomahawk® 375
    • Tomahawk® 625

    Thermal Dynamics

    • Auto Cut Series
    • Ultra Cut Series
    • Manual Systems
    • Cutmaster A Series


    • Powermax Series

    Standard Software

    • Torchmate Driver Software
    • Accepts any .dxf or G-code

    Available Software

    Torchmate CAD/CAM

    • Everything in CAD/CAM Lite plus nesting, scanning and hogging


    • In addition to being a full-blown computer assisted design program, BobCAD renders 2D images into three dimensional shpes. It then generates G-code to create the 3D pieces with torchmate’s automated z-axis in conjunction with a router, roto-ZIP tool, engraver, etc.

    Rhino 3D

    • Create digital 3D models of your projects before you start the actual fabrication process. All parts fit together just as they would in a physical model. It is possible to rotate the model, zoom in to see the finest detail, and view its components model from the real thing.


    • RhinoCAM is a general purpose machining program for the general machinist. RhinoCAM includes 2 ½ axis, 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis operations. This powerful package is ideal for mold, die and tooling, wood working rapid prototyping and general machining markets and generate G-code to be directly sent to the Torchmate machines. This product boasts of powerful toolpath generation strategies coupled with tools for efficiently controlling the cutting tool for detailed machining capabilities, while not sacrificing ease of use. It has all the basic functionality as well as additional features suitable for demanding users with sophisticated manufacturing requirements.

    Computer Requirements

    • Windows XP/Vista/’07
    • 1 GB processor
    • 1 GB ram
    • 30 GB hard drive


    • Full 1 year warranty on electronics, parts, and software
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  • Financing Options

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