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Design 2Fab Sheet Metal and HVAC Software

Design2FAB Software LogoUse this program's library of HVAC duct fittings to create flattened shapes that can be sized and customized to fit your job.  Torchmate's CAD software (sold separately) then duplicates the shapes in the desired quantity, arranges them on the sheet, adjusts for kerf width, etc., prior to cutting via Torchmate's driver software. 

Gone are the days of having to use tin snips to cut out sheet metal fitting shapes.  Design2FAB Software lets you choose from a large library of fittings, size them, and flatten them out. There are two Design2Fab Options:

Design2Fab Foreman  
USD 2,995.00
Design2Fab Enterprise Edition - Sheet metal Design Software
• Provides a fully integrated flat pattern sheet metal layout with
DXF output and estimating/costing 

Design2Fab Enterprise 
USD 4,295.00
Design2Fab Foreman Edition - Sheet metal Design Software
• Provides automated flat pattern sheet metal layout with DXF

The Torchmate CAD Module then imports the flattened shapes, and automatically adds lead-ins/lead outs, as well as kerf compensation. It then nests the shapes to occupy the smallest possible amount of material.  Then cut them out on your Torchmate, and form them with a sheet metal brake.  The CAD Module is priced separately at $874.50.

You begin by selecting the desired fitting from a comprehensive library of available choices.  Simply double click on the piece you want to make.    

Design2FAB Toolbox

Next, you enter the dimensions desired for the part.  You can rotate the 3D image, and zoom in to make sure it is the way you want it.

Design2FAB 3D Tool








The last step is to create the flattened out shape, and export it as a dxf file.  It is now ready to be cut, or for duplication, nesting, and/or other processing by the Torchmate CAD Module prior to cutting.

Design2FAB Pattern SR

Download demo version of full program