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Vinyl Drag Knife Bit

Use your CNC router, CNC mill, or CNC plasma cutter to cut sign vinyl just like a professional sign shop plotter - without buying additional equipment or learning new software.  Blade pressure can be adjusted for cutting sign vinyl in any thickness as well as sandblast mask, paper, cardboard, and plastics up to 1/32” thick.  We recommend using the 60 degree blade (Sold Separately) when cutting materials other than sign vinyl. 

Our CNC Sign Vinyl Drag Knife bit fits in any 1/4" collet, just like a regular end mill.  Instead of rotating and cutting like an end mill, the bit allows your CNC machine to cut adhesive backed sign vinyl and other thin materials with the spindle TURNED OFF.  The spring-loaded bit holds a tiny carbide knife that swivels as your CNC machine drags it around the profile of your design.  Inside the bit, pressure on the blade is precisely controlled, allowing the knife to cut through sign vinyl without cutting through its wax paper backing.  The bit is designed to compensate for tables that are not perfectly flat.

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  • Make professional quality signs, banners, magnet


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