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Laser Crosshairs

  • Overview

    Torchmate Laser Crosshairs DeviceOur Laser Crosshairs device will help you locate the torch position without having to cycle the Z-axis down. This helps you accurately place the material to be cut on the bed of your Torchmate machine. It also helps to view a tool path when test cycling a program without cutting.

    The large radius of our Laser Crosshairs device allows you to mount the unit at the top of the torch, away from the cutting area, and still have the crosshairs projected.

    The Torchmate Laser Crosshairs is software driven, connected to our signal generator box. This allows you to have the laser turn on and off at specific points in the program automatically, or use it manually through your computer. One use would be to turn the laser on after the cutting of a sheet is complete, providing easy and efficient positioning of the next sheet to be cut.

    Another useful feature of our laser is adjustable lens heads. This enables you to adjust the beam to match your specific application.