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Lincoln Electric® PythonX® Plate Machine - Robotic Plasma Cutting


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Robotic Plasma Cutting - The Next Generation of Plate Cutting

The PythonX PLATE from Lincoln Electric is a next generation robotic cutting table that will power up your production and improve part quality. PythonX PLATE offers better reliability and ease of use when compared to non-robotic plate cutting tables. Due to the progressive machine design—and more than a decade of advancements in robotic plasma cutting technology—PythonX PLATE makes robotic plate cutting a profitable choice.. 

Many sizes are available, with standard sizes including 10 ft. by 25 ft. and 10 ft. by 40 ft. In addition, sizes up to 10 ft. by 160 ft. are available.

Familiar Shop Settings and Controls

Among the machine’s many strengths are its sensible integration of standard plate-cutting methods, shop terminology, and its reliance on standard controls. Those who grew up in the fabrication industry will be pleased to find that PythonX PLATE operates just the same as any XY plasma table. The key differences between a conventional plasma burner and the PythonX PLATE and are its virtually endless plate cutting abilities, versatility, and breathtaking speed. 

Robotic Powered

The PythonX PLATE features a six axis Fanuc® M-10IA robot plus dual-drive servo motors. Its conventional style gantry is guided by the finest high precision Güdel® motion control system. The robotic torch switches easily from standard to bevel cutting. The process requires no special equipment or extra setup time. pythonx-plate-sidebar

Robotic Software Controls 

The ability to process all types of profiles quickly is due in large part to FullCircle™ robotic cutting software suite. FullCircle makes administration time—inventory tracking, part detailing, production, efficiency, and quality control—much less costly.



Please download the full PythonX PLATE Machine Brochure here. You will find complete details on this machine inside, including technical specifications.