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Sequence Troubleshooting in Version 5

Sequence Troubleshooting

This is a particular area that may cause difficulties for the user. Once you have designed your image, arranged, and created the tool path, the cut sequence is opposite to what you had thought it to be. There are a few options to allow you to correct this.

Be sure to Make Path on your object. Once you have drawn your image, the Make Path tool in the Arrange menu allows for the material between the interior cuts and exterior cuts to be seen as solid. This allows a Male Tool Path to cut the inside of the interior cuts prior to the outside of the exterior cut. When using plasma to cut this is especially important as the electrical current must be available to cut all the interior parts before the final outside cut, otherwise the exterior cut will severe the current and not allow any interior cuts to be made.

The Tool Path Viewer. Select your object, Click on the View menu then Show Tool Path Viewer. A window opens with two boxes in the lower left corner displaying direction and order. Click on one or both of these boxes. Direction will show you the intended route the tool will cut you object. Order will show you the numbered sequence in which each cut will be performed.

If your sequences are different that what you want, move your cursor to the position you want to change, and when the cursor changes into a (+) icon, double left click to bring up a window that displays “To Position”.

This window will allow you to actually change the numbered order, so that if your outside is to be cut before the inside, then you may change it to the opposite by entering the order number you want it to be. Make sure that the highest value is associated with the outside cut, this way it will be the final cut in the sequence. Be sure to run a mock cut by exporting the image, importing to Driver software, and running program offline.

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