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Common Line Cutting in Version 5

  • Start by clicking on the Graphic Edit tool on the left side of the CAD program, and then select the tool on the far left, Node Edit.
  • Move the pencil shaped cursor out to the material sheet, and place one node by left clicking one time. Now place the second node a comfortable distance away (for example 20 inches) using the same method to place the first.
  • When you are finished, press the green checkmark in the Edit window to save your created line.
  • The nodes will no longer be viewed, but the thin line created will.
  • If the line is not straight, double left click the line to expose the nodes, and then select one node and drag it into place (the line will turn red, and you must try to make the line as straight as possible by moving your mouse slowly to the left or right).
  • Click the green checkmark to save your editing.
  • When the line is straight and at the length you want, go to the Layout menu and select Array to make multiple copies of the original line. For this example I chose the settings in the window below (Horizontal, 5 inches between, no rotation, and a total of 5 copies), then push OK
  • The results of the Array produced five sequential lines spaced 5 inches apart.
  • Go back to the Graphic Edit / Node Edit tool
  • Place a node in the upper left corner, and then another approximately 20 inches to the right of the first.
  • Straighten the line.
  • Create an Array for the line using the same parameters as shown below.
  • After the Array has been made, select the five new lines, and jog them down into position so that the rest on top of the five vertical lines. Check the spacing using the Measure tool.
  • Check the line alignment to ensure a slight overlap so that it cuts completely.
  • Export the lines as a dxf file. You don’t have to make a tool path on them.
  • Import the dxf file into the Driver software, and run a sample cut Offline. As you can see the machine cut the Vertical lines first (since they were created first), but the sequence went from the 2nd to 3rd to 4th to 5th to 1st. We can change this by not using the Array, or by creating an Online tool path, deleting the original, and re-sequencing the order of cuts. The Horizontal lines cut next, but used the same sequence as with the vertical lines.
    I hope this will help to clarify the process of using common lines for you.

>>Printable PDF with screen shots