Machine Help

Basic Cut Troubleshooting

A basic troubleshooting guide for cut quality issues including bevel and what causes poor cuts.

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Table Motion Issues

If the machine is not moving correctly this can be the result of a few different mechanical issues.

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Wiring Diagrams

Various diagrams for setting up an wiring a Torchmate CNC system.

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Intermittent Torch Ignition

In the torch head the electrode must move up and down freely for the torch to fire. The plasma unit looks for continuity between the electrode tip and nozzle before the torch will turn on the air and initiate the arc. The air forces the electrode up away from the nozzle to make electrical contact with another contact point in torch body permitting current flow to the electrode.

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Serial Port Signal Generator Malfunctions

Troubleshooting malfunctions with a serial port signal generator model 401A.

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Manual Plasma Cutting Techniques

  • These are my configuration setup pages for the 2.09 software. Each of your category windows should look exactly the same as these.
  • Your table size will need to be reflected in the Axis Length for X and Y. 96” x 48” = 8’ X 4’ table.
  • You may change your Motor Direction settings from Positive to Negative, or visa versa, to allow your table to operate in the same direction as the JOG buttons are shown for X+, X-,Y+,Y- .
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Set Screw Tightness

Check and retighten set screws regularly and whenever you detect any irregularity in the table’s motion.

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Consumable Cost Calculator

Keeping track of your consumable costs is easy with this Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems Consumable Cost Calculator. 

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