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Torchmate CAD/CAM - The Ultimate Shape Creation Program $874.50

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Torchmate CAD/CAM 8.0 now available
*Now compatible with 64 bit operating systems

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The Torchmate CAD/CAM program was developed specifically to create shapes for cutting.  It contains every feature needed, including dxf importation, conversion of scanned shapes, full automatic nesting, automatic kerf compensation, automatic lead-ins and lead-outs, & much more.  Torchmate CAD/CAM has everything a CNC shape cutting machine owner could want.  No other program with similar features is available for under several thousand dollars. Even if you already have a machine of a different manufacturer, if it will import dxf files, you can benefit from Torchmate CAD/CAM.

Nested Software Torchmate ProductsThese images shows a number of brackets before automatic nesting to fit them into the smallest area possible.  The next image shows the parts nested.  Note the savings of almost 50% of the plate area.  The gap between the pieces and the border width are user definable.  Shapes can be placed inside the holes of other shapes, and flipped upside-down when necessary to fit them on the plate. The positioning of the nested shapes can be specified.  Here, the upper left of the plate was selected.  The Torchmate CAD/CAM module will quickly pay for itself in time savings from this feature alone.

Creating Shapes

The CAD/CAM module lets you quickly and easily create a shape for cutting in several ways:

  • Draw it in the Torchmate CAD/CAM Module.
  • Import it as a dxf file from any of approximately 45 different CAD/drawing programs, including AutoCad, DesignCad, etc.  Competing programs only recognize a handful of other file formats.
  • Scan a hand-drawn or printed shape, and convert it in seconds in the Torchmate CAD/CAM Module for cutting.
  • Import clip art shapes and quickly prepare them for cutting.  Clip art is generally non-proprietary, and can be used for any desired purpose without the need for permission.

Shapes imported from other programs often have small breaks or overlapping lines.  The CAD/CAM Module's "Post-Analysis" feature invisibly corrects these defects during the importation process.

Using CAD/CAM Module Features

Unlike competing software with a simplistic DOS-like user interface, both Torchmate's CAD/CAM and driver software modules are rich in Windows features.  The screen has time saving icons that can be clicked on to do many operations.  All functions can be performed via pull-down menus, if you prefer.

Shapes and parts of shapes can be moved and scaled directly with the mouse, or can be positioned and sized automatically.  Small windows are visible at all times to show you the size of shapes and their position on the screen.  Change those values, and the shapes instantly change.

Shapes can be duplicated in any number, and can be positioned in an accurate pattern.  If a flange is being created, for example, the bolt holes can be automatically generated and placed equidistant from each other and a particular distance from the edge of the flange.

When an outside shape has internal cut-out parts, the software recognizes this, and treats the entire shape as an entity.  It will automatically compensate for the gap left by the torch.  The compensation will automatically be on the inside of internal cuts and the outside of the external shape.  When lead-ins and lead-outs are generated for each shape component, they will automatically be on the inside or outside as appropriate.

While internal parts will automatically be cut out before the external shape, you can easily specify the order in which you want shapes to be cut.  It is common knowledge among the plasma cutting fraternity that you get the best results when cutting outside shapes in a clockwise direction, and internal shapes in a counter-clockwise direction.  The CAD/CAM Module automatically takes care of this for you.

The CAD Module remembers every step you have taken in your current session.  You can view a list of these steps, and start over at any of those points if you want to make changes.  It is virtually impossible to make a mistake you can't correct.

Sign Making

Simply enter the text directly on the screen.   These letters can easily be added to an existing scene or other design, making personalized signs a snap.  Add the Torchmate Professional Text Compose module for even more fonts and the ability to curve and bend letters into any shape allowing your sign making to take off.

Production Work

It is important to shops to get the maximum number of parts from a plate.  Other programs require you to move shapes around and rotate them to nest them into a pattern for cutting.  An outstanding feature of the Torchmate CAD/CAM Module is its Automatic Nesting capability.

Simply specify the minimum distance you want between the parts, and the minimum distance from the plate edge, and the program will move the parts, rotate them, and even mirror them to fit them into the tightest pattern.  Parts are dovetailed together, maintaining the specified distance between them at all points.  It is even possible to nest parts within the interior spaces of other parts.

  • Import shapes or draw them in Torchmate CAD/CAM
  • Scan & convert drawn shapes for cutting
  • Scale shapes to any desired size
  • Duplicate shapes in any number & pattern
  • Automatic nesting, including rotation & flipping
  • Automatic insertion of lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Automatic kerf compensation
  • Automatic control of torch travel direction
  • Control of cut order (sequence)
  • Export finished shape patterns as dxf files


Torchmate CAD/CAM Lite - $275.00 (Available only for Torchmate Growth Series Machines.)

Torchmate CAD/CAM Comparison Chart

Available only for 2'x2' CNC Prototyping System

The Torchmate CAD/CAM program was developed specifically to create shapes for cutting.  It includes the following features: dxf importation, automatic kerf compensation, automatic lead-ins and lead-outs, & much more.  Torchmate's standard driver software is included with all Torchmate systems.

Torchmate Clip Art and Professional Text Compose Module $544.50

This add-on module includes a variety of over 4,000 images for both metal and woodworking as well as over 1,300 different fonts that are in addition to the TrueType fonts included with your Torchmate CAD. There are hundreds and hundred of silhouette images that are suitable for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, as well as hundreds and hundreds of sign images that lend themselves to woodworking, plastic, etc. This package can only be used in conjunction with our Torchmate CAD software as it is necessary for converting the images to .dxf format.

Priced at $544.50 this package includes a CD and a 248 page printable PDF directory of images and fonts as well as the ability to arc text and fit text to a path as shown here.

Text to path

Below are samples of clip art shapes included in your package.

Sample clip art shapes

Torchmate Driver Software – Standard with all machines

This is the software that runs your Torchmate machine.  It is not compatible with other systems.  Most PC-based CNC systems operate in DOS rather than Windows, due to timing irregularities associated with the Windows internal clock.  We have overcome this problem totally by using an external controller that provides its own step timing.

The ability to operate in a Windows environment opens up a vast number of additional features, such as the ability to copy and paste code from other applications.  This enables you to use canned sections of code that can be incorporated into files.   Unlike DOS-based programs which have restrictive file size limitations, our software can execute files of virtually any size.  DXF files can be imported directly from AutoCad, CorelDraw, and other drawing programs and instantly be converted into G-code for execution.G-code is displayed at lower left, line by line as it is executed.  You can back up and re-start at any line you wish. You have full control over cutting speed while cutting. A feed rate override at the lower right lets you vary the speed while cutting.  A digital speedometer tells you how fast you are going.  On-screen torch path simulation occurs in real time while cutting.  A digital read-out tells you where the torch is in inches or metric units at all times. The torch can be jogged via buttons on the screen, and relative moves can be made of specified distances on both axes. The machine can be paused and re-started at any time with the same dwell as at the beginning of the file. Files can be executed continuously, or one line at a time to help in de-bugging. Files can be run off-line with torch path simulation operational.  You can see the piece being cut on the screen before actually cutting metal.  You don't have to turn off your plasma cutter to toggle from one mode to the other.

Importing Shapes for Cutting

The Torchmate Standard Driver Software can import dxf files created by other drawing programs, or those created by the Torchmate CAD Module.  It automatically converts these shapes into G-Code for cutting.  Since there are dozens of G-Code formats in existence, this totally eliminates the format incompatibility problems often present when one program attempts to run G-Code created in another program.  Scaling and automatic closing of breaks in the shape can be accomplished as part of the importation process.

The program uses the G-Code to run the machine -- not some proprietary code that you don't get to look at.  The code scrolls on the screen in a window at the bottom while the file executes. 

Minimum computer requirements:

  • IBM compatible, Pentium 800MHz
  • Windows NT/2000/XP
  • 128-256 MB RAM depending on part complexity
  • 1 USB Port

A slightly less fully-featured version is available on request for those with computers not meeting the above requirements. Please advise us when ordering.

A built-in G-Code editor is there to allow you to make modifications to the file as desired.  This is rarely necessary, however.

Different speed settings, dwell time for piercing, torch gap (kerf) allowances, etc., are needed for cutting different types and thicknesses of material.  Rather than having to enter the desired settings each time you change material types, you simply load the previously created settings file that is appropriate to that material.  You can create as many settings files as you want, and name them something that relates to the material to be cut (3_8_alum for example).

The Main Cutting Screen

The Torchmate Driver Software screen is shown above.  It consists of an area in which your shape(s) are shown, a window at the bottom where the G-Code scrolls during file execution, a control panel at the lower right, and a digital read-out window at the upper right.  The larger your computer screen, the larger the area will be in which your shapes are displayed.

All control of the machine is done through your computer.  There is no need to run back and forth between a computer and an external control box.  The use of a laptop computer minimizes the needed space.

When you load a dxf or G-Code file, the shapes to be cut appear as red outlines on the screen.  Rapid traverse moves appear as dotted lines.  You can preview the cutting action off-line either slowly, or very quickly.  As the cut progresses, the red lines gradually turn to blue.  This makes it easy to see if your parts will be cut in the manner you wish, without wasting material.  When you are actually cutting parts, the screen simulation is in real time, the torch always being at the point where the line color is changing.

You can jog the torch anywhere you wish using small arrow icons in the on-screen control panel.  The absolute and relative torch position is shown in inches or metric in the digital read-out window.  You can make any spot your home (0,0) position if you want to cut a piece from an unused section of your plate.  You can then return to your original home position.

You can jog the torch at any speed you desire and to any point on the table with the click of a screen icon.  You can return to your original position just as easily.  You can turn the torch on via the on-screen control panel, and then jog it the width or length of the material.  This allows you to use the unit manually as a cut-off machine.

Cutting your Shapes

When you begin the cutting process, the torch rapidly moves to the initial pierce point, the dotted line turning blue as the torch travels.  The torches then fires, and remains stationary while it pierces.  Then it moves along the cut path until the shape has been cut.  The torch remains stationary for a predetermined time (a second or so) so it completely extinguishes before moving to the next pierce point.  This prevents blemishes from the torch not going all the way off before starting to move.

You can pause the cutting operation at any time you wish, and re-start it with the same dwell time as when you began the cut.  If you need to back up and correct a mistake, you can re-start the file at any line of code you wish.

With some other manufacturers' machines, if you make a mistake you must  jog the torch back to the specific spot on the tool path and then re-start it.  This is kind of like trying to use the power window buttons for a car window to leave a small air gap on a hot day.  It is hard to keep from overshooting the mark.  Torchmate lets you start on the exact line of code you wish.

The on-screen control panel has a digital feed-rate override feature.  This lets you speed up or slow down the movement of the torch while it is cutting.  A digital speedometer in inches or mm per minute tells you exactly how fast you are going.

The software will also automatically calculate total cutting time and remaining time.

This software can be used with Torchmate signal generators with  serial numbers 101700 and higher without any modification.  Earlier signal generators require a modification.

Clip Art Software

BobCAD DXF Clip Art Package - $250.00

BobCAD DXF Clip Art Brochure



Full printed directory & disc of over 6000 DXF files including theme designs, borders, fonts, numbers, floral, animals and more. Perfect for Milling, Routing, Laser, Water jet & Burning Machine.

You do not need to have a previous version of BobCAD to use this. It’s sold as a stand-alone item. (No prerequisite software needed)

HVAC Software

Design2Fab Sheet Metal and HVAC Software $2359.50

Use this program's library of HVAC duct fittings to create flattened shapes that can be sized and customized to fit your job.  Torchmate's CAD software (sold separately) then duplicates the shapes in the desired quantity, arranges them on the sheet, adjusts for kerf width, etc., prior to cutting via Torchmate's driver software. 

Gone are the days of having to use tin snips to cut out sheet metal fitting shapes.  Design2FAB Software lets you choose from a large library of fittings, size them, and flatten them out. Priced at just $2359.50.

The Torchmate CAD Module then imports the flattened shapes, and automatically adds lead-ins/lead outs, as well as kerf compensation. It then nests the shapes to occupy the smallest possible amount of material.  Then cut them out on your Torchmate, and form them with a sheet metal brake.  The CAD Module is priced separately at $874.50.

You begin by selecting the desired fitting from a comprehensive library of available choices.  Simply double click on the piece you want to make.     

Torchmate Software Tools

Next, you enter the dimensions desired for the part.  You can rotate the 3D image, and zoom in to make sure it is the way you want it.

Entry Form Software Torchmate

The last step is to create the flattened out shape, and export it as a dxf file.  It is now ready to be cut, or for duplication, nesting, and/or other processing by the Torchmate CAD Module prior to cutting.

Pattern Software Torchmate
Download demo version of full program

3D CAD/CAM Software and Modeling Programs

Rhinoceros NURBS modeling for Windows $1,100.00

Create computerized 3-D models of your projects!

Architectural Software Torchmate

 Fabrication, Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, Architecture, Manufacturing

Create digital 3-D models of your projects before you start the actual fabrication process.  All parts fit together just as they would in a physical model.  It is possible to rotate the model, zoom in to see the finest detail, and view its components in layers that can be peeled-back one at a time.  It is often almost impossible to tell a 3-D model from the real thing.

In the fabrication and manufacturing world, it is often smart to make a model of something before laying out the time and cost to build the actual unit.  In days past, this meant creating an scaled-down replica of the finished piece.  This was just as labor-intensive as building the full-sized version, and the entire model would have to be scrapped if design modifications were necessary.

Things are much easier today.  It is possible to create a 3-D model of a product electronically. The problem has been the cost of the sophisticated software required to do this.  Rhinoceros NURBS modeling for Windows offers this amazing capability at a small fraction of the price of competing programs.  It is easy to learn, and comes with comprehensive tutorials.

Visit gallery of sample models

RhinoCAM $1,250

Engraving Software Torchmate

RhinoCAM is a general purpose machining program for the general machinist. RhinoCAM includes 2-1/2 axis, 3 Axis, 4 axis and 5 axis operations. This powerful package is ideal for mold, die and tooling, wood working rapid-prototyping and general machining markets and generates G-code to be directly sent to the Torchmate machines. This product boasts of powerful toolpath generation strategies coupled with tools for efficiently controlling the cutting tool for detailed machining capabilities, while not sacrificing ease of use. Has all the basic functionality as well as additional features suitable for demanding users with sophisticated manufacturing requirements.

RhinoCAM is a Rhinoceros plug-in that runs completely inside of Rhino. This plug-in is a general purpose machining program targeted at the general machinist. RhinoCAM includes 2-1/2 axis, 3 Axis and hole making operations. It comes with hundreds of post-processors and additionally a post-processor generator to create user definable post-processors.

Visit gallery of sample models


In addition to being a full-blown computer assisted design (CAD) program, BobCAD renders 2-D images into three dimensional shapes.  It then generates G-Code to create the 3-D pieces with Torchmate's automated Z-axis in conjunction with a router, roto-ZIP tool, engraver, etc.

Lathe Software TorchmateThe Version 25 CAD-CAM system rivals the functionality of expensive CAD/CAM systems, and is specially priced for the small shop owner.

BobCAD-CAM Version 25 is perfect for job shops and manufacturers that do a little of everything. It is very easy to operate which makes it an excellent choice for the shop floor. Additionally, Version 25 comes with training CDs to make it even easier to learn. It doesn't take long to cut parts from the first time you open the software up. There are no long learning curves, which means that training is faster. Part making with BobCAD-CAM Version 25 is about as easy as it gets!

BobCAD/CAM Version 25 software is best known for its power and ease of use, turning small shops into highly competitive shops over night and allowing large shops to increase production time, time and time again. Functionality ranges from basic hole- drilling, ridged tapping cycles and simple profiling to the fast generation of complex multi-axis tool path with a variety of surface creating functions that the system offers. Most importantly, the added benefit of customizable post processors for writing NC/G-code programs automatically and full RS 232 communications features including DNC, allows the manufacturer the ability to reduce lead times and get the parts cut faster and more efficiently. 

2 ½ Axis Milling V25 CAD-CAM
Pocketing - With island avoidance, Automatic Spiral & Horizontal tool path. Yes
Profiling - Open & Closed Shapes.
Engraving Yes
Bolt hole Patterns - Grid & Circular. Yes
3 Axis Milling V25 CAD-CAM
Horizontal Z Level Roughing Yes
Horizontal Z Level Finishing Yes
Spiral Z Level Roughing Yes
Spiral Z Level Finishing Yes
Surface Roughing - Skin Surface, Revolved Surface, Swept Surface, Ruled Surfaces, Radial Surfaces. Yes
Surface Finishing - Skin Surface, Revolved Surface, Swept Surface, Ruled Surfaces, Radial Surfaces. Yes
Gears Creation & Machining Yes
Clean Circle - Roughing & Finishing. Yes
Direct Surface Toolpath To Wireframe Yes
4 Axis Milling V25 CAD-CAM
4th Axis Indexing Yes
CAM & Communications V25 CAD-CAM
RS 232 Communications - Fully Customizable by the operator. Yes
DNC Communications - Fully Customizable by the operator. Yes
Post Processor Configurations - Fully Customizable by the operator. Yes
Post Processor Library - Available to all customers at no extra charge. Yes
Customizable CAM Menus Yes
Customizable Tool Library Yes
Graphical Tool Rendering Yes
G-Code Editor Yes
Verification V25 CAD-CAM
Solid NC Verification/Part Simulation Yes
NC Code Back plot Yes
Hole Making V25 CAD-CAM
Drilling Yes
Tapping Yes
Boring Yes
Reverse Boring Yes
Peck Drilling Yes
Reaming Yes
2 Axis Lathe V25 CAD-CAM
Customizable Tool Library Yes
Roughing Yes
Finishing Yes
Grooving Yes
Slotting Yes
Facing Yes
Collision Detection Yes
Diameter Programming Yes
NC/G-Code Generation Yes
Available Training V25 CAD-CAM
Basic Manual Included
Enhanced Training Manual Available
Multimedia Training CD Videos - Interactive training cds and workbook. Available
Training Seminars - On Location or at our International Training School. Call for availability and scheduling. Available