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Growth Series™ 2x4

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The Torchmate Growth Series 2x4 is the only CNC plasma-cutting table of its size on the market. Its expanded y-axis allows the table to take on more diverse projects, yet it still fits seamlessly with the rest of your workbench by maintaining a two foot width. This size table is able to cut most metal art files and most table-height custom furniture pieces, which makes for an expanded list of potential markets to enter.

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Torchmate 2x4 Growth Series

You can also index your table to handle materials far beyond the parameters of the machine. The 2x4 CNC gantry kit with rails has the ability to replicate hundreds of parts, which can yield serious income. It might only be an additional two feet compared to the Torchmate Growth Series 2x2, but it reflects a broader scope of projects that you will be able to handle.

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Growth Series 2x2 Growth Series 4x4

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What’s Included:

Integrated Arc Voltage Height Control (AVHC)

Visual Machine Designer (VMD)

Industrial Z-Axis Lifter Station

  • 6¾ Inches of Travel
  • Enclosed Twin V-Rail Linear Guides
  • Integrated Lead Screw Drive
  • 330 oz./in. Stepper Motor

Production Grade CNC Controller

  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • On-the-Fly Motion Control
  • Cut Quality Algorithms
  • Advanced Look Ahead
  • Deterministic Stepper Output
  • *Click here to watch* 

Other Included Features:

  • Raw Voltage To Frequency Converter | ACCUMOVE VFC   *Click here to watch*
  • (3) 396 oz./in. X- and Y-Axis Stepper Motors
  • 200ipm Traverse / Cut Speed 
  • Magnetic Torch Breakaway
  • Steel Cutting Surface
  • Micro-Stepping Resolution of 0.0006”
  • Ball Bearing Linear Guides
  • Anti-Backlash Lead Screw Drives
  • Unlimited Lifetime Tech Support
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts, Electronics, & Software
  • Footprint: 36 3/4" X 36 1/4"

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