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Growth Series™2x2™

Torchmate 2x2

Every once in a while a product is introduced that changes the world.  The purpose of the Torchmate Growth Series™ 2x2™ CNC Prototyping System is to do just that.  The Torchmate 2x2™ is designed to change the way you make parts in your home, school or small fabrication shop.  It is designed to be versatile, mobile and easy to use.  It is designed to bring CNC Plasma Cutting, CNC Routing, CNC Drilling, CNC Milling and CNC Engraving to you in one tight little package.  Everyone knew that the time would eventually come when shops everywhere could look at CNC Technology and Robotics as just another tool, like a Mill, Lathe, Router, Bandsaw or Drill Press rather than some daunting thing that is out of their reach and comprehension. That time has come.


Every Torchmate 2x2™ CNC Prototyping System is designed as a multi-use platform to which you may mount secondary tooling for which you would like robotic control and repeatablility.  The Torchmate Driver software is included with every system. You simply import your file to be cut into the driver software.  A generic mounting plate is included to accept your chosen tool holder, be it for plasma cutting, routing, drilling, engraving or milling.


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Growth Series™ 2x4™

Torchmate 2x4Torchmate continues to broaden product options and offers a path to growing your table as your needs require. Introducing the newest line of Torchmate Growth Series™ 2x4™ CNC Tabletop Systems. We are pleased with such a high response to our Torchmate 2x2™ CNC Prototyping System that we wanted to offer an upgrade option. We want to make it easy and affordable for your Torchmate CNC machine to grow as your needs grow. At twice the size and twice the power you pay only an additional $1100 to upgrade to the Torchmate 2x4™.












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Growth Series™ 4x4™

Torchmate 2x4

With the Growth Series 4X4, Torchmate delivers a machine that grows with the consumer’s needs. Based on the overwhelming popularity of the company’s Growth Series 2X2 and 2X4 CNC machines, the Growth Series4X4 packs state-of-the-art plasma cutting, engraving, and routing capabilities into a larger cutting table size that increases the range of metal products the machine can cut. 


Growth Series2X2 and Growth Series2X4 machine owners can upgrade their machines to the Growth Series4X4 at an affordable price. The upgrade options allow Torchmate customers to invest in a Torchmate CNC machine with confidence, knowing their purchase is flexible enough to be converted into a larger sized CNC machine effectively and affordably.


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Torchmate 1

Torchmate 1

 The 2 axis Torchmate 1 is intended for use those customers on a budget that would prefer to invest their own "sweat equity" to get the best possible system at the lowest price on the market.   We realized early on that if our customers can fabricate the heavy part of the machines themselves, then that can translate into real savings. This unit includes a basic DIY (do-it-yourself) kit less the plasma cutter unit and PC.  The kit requires about $400 worth of steel, which you purchase locally to save shipping costs.  Welding skills are required to complete the construction of the steel table. Completion time is approximately 40 hours. The Torchmate 1 kit includes our 2 axis Windows-based electronics and driver software.  The motors included are 350 oz. in.


A DIY kit includes the basic items you need to fabricate a CNC cutting machine. All the complicated design work is done, allowing you to avoid the trial and error of developing your own system. You simply weld the main table and assemble the gantry according to the provided plans. Standard features of DIY kits include complete instructions, all steel bracketry, stepper drive motors, dual drive, CNC drive and control boxes, cabling, bearings, nuts, bolts, washers, hardened needle bearing guide rollers, timing pulleys and belts, and driver software. Design software and tool interfaces are available at an additional charge. The electronics and software are turn-key and require you only to connect the cables and wires according to full instructions provided with the system. You can tailor any accessories and add-ons according your needs and budget.


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Torchmate 2

Torchmate 2 Bolt TogetherThe Torchmate 2 model was developed an improvement to our Torchmate 1 in a variety of ways including the easy to assemble bolt together option with construction and performance comparable to industrial CNC plasma cutting machines costing well over $50,000. Additionally, the Torchmate 2 is available in as a gantry kit, requiring welding skills to assemble the rail system.


Kit completion time is approximately 16 hours which can be done over the course of a weekend.  You fabricate the rail system from locally purchased steel to save in shipping costs and assemble the gantry according to the provided instructions. This option requires welding skills as you will weld the steel table together. The kit will include complete instructions, all steel bracketry, stepper drive motors, CNC drive and control boxes, cabling, bearings, gears and gear racks, nuts, bolts, washers, hardened needle bearing guide rollers, timing pulleys and belts, and driver software.


Not a welder? Not a problem! The Torchmate 2 also comes in bolt together form with precision ground x-axis rails. The heavy anodized extruded aluminum allows for easy bolt together assembly. You assemble the gantry unit according to provided instructions using simple hand tools. The Torchmate 2 was designed for continuous plasma or oxy-fuel use in industrial settings.  It uses precision linear motion components for the Y axis, and its electronics are fully equipped for up to 3 axes of motion.  Add our optional Z axis column and a router or drill to produce shapes or holes in wood, plastic, laminate, soft metals, etc.


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Torchmate 3

Torchmate 3 Bolt Together

In response to several requests throughout the industry, the Torchmate 3 was developed with suggested features including a gearbox drive system, 8” drop-rail forklift friendly feature, and dual x-axis motors. The Torchmate 3’s rugged construction uses heavy extruded aluminum rail support beams that weigh 7.6 lbs. per foot.  The machine weighs in at approximately 450 lbs., yet has the stiffness and rigidity of a steel machine weighing four times more.


Torchmate 3 machines have made their homes all across the United States and internationally. Building ships, tanks, off road vehicles, gates, doors and sculptures are only some of the thousands of uses across the world customers have found for this remarkable product. Available as a gantry kit or in bolt together form, the Torchmate 3 offers cost savings and easy of assembly while introducing an assortment of innovative features. Our gantry kit includes a heavy extruded aluminum gantry unit which you assemble according to provided instructions. You purchase steel locally and construct the support table only. Welding skills are required for this option. For our customers that do not have welding skills we provide the bolt together option. You will receive the heavy anodized extruded aluminum and the gantry kit. Bolt the table together and complete the assembly of the gantry using simple hand tools.


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Torchmate X

Torchmate X

When our customers need a system that can handle heavy-duty use and they want it to be turn-key, the Torchmate X is the answer. Whether it is cutting thick or thin plate using plasma or oxy-fuel the Torchmate X will do it with power, speed, and accuracy. Ensuring a water tight seal our tables are welded with our six axis industrial robot, a technology found only in the manufacturing of machines selling for $150,00.00 or more.


Torchmate X pricing starts at $22,746.25 for a 5x10 system which includes your choice of a water table or zoned downdraft table. Your Torchmate X will include a Dell desktop computer preconfigured with CAD and driver software as well as the secure steel cabinet with limited access to computer, monitor, and keyboard. The Torchmate X line is available in sizes up to a 10x40 foot cutting surface area. All of our Torchmate X turn-key machines undergo complete in house testing prior to shipment.


Our Torchmate X also comes in a cost effective gantry kit form. You purchase steel locally and fabricate the rail system. Welding skills are required to construct the table when choosing this option. The gantry unit will arrive at your door fully constructed.


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The Routermate was designed from the ground up with the sole purpose of routing and milling in mind, unlike plasma cutting tables that accept a secondary tool mount. The Z-axis has a travel distance of up to 12 inches.  To maintain rigidity the Z-axis bearings are located at the bottom of the axis plate and do not move away from the material as the Z-axis moves up like most machines on the market today. The Routermate’s table is adjustable in height from 6” to 34”. In addition, each of the table cross slat brackets is adjustable left and right, allowing side clamping of larger parts. The cross slats can also be mounted vertically by adjusting the end brackets. This can be used to reduce deflection on heavier materials. The table has additional independent vertical stops to allow one person to change the height. All the surfaces of the cross brackets are T-slotted for clamping work on any surface. Other table options include: flood and spray coolant, coolant capture/ return membrane for reusing coolant when a flood system is utilized, zoned vacuum table surfaces.


As well as being available as a finished turn-key machine, our Routermate also comes in a cost effective gantry kit form. You purchase steel locally and fabricate the rail system. Welding skills are required to construct the table when choosing this option. The gantry unit will arrive at your door fully constructed.


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Plasma Cutters

Kaliburn Proline 2260


Plasma cutting is a vital process for any metal fabrication shop. Unlike oxy-fuel, plasma can cut stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, as well as mild steel. A CNC cutting system is only as accurate as the plasma torch it guides.  Don't short-change yourself by using an inferior plasma cutter.


New to our list of available plasma cutters are Kaliburn's Spirit family, Proline family, and Dagger plasma cutters. Kaliburn plasma cutting systems improve quality, increase throughput, and eliminate costly secondary processing. Extend the life of existing equipment without making a six figure investment.


Lincoln Electric's Tomahawk® 625 and the Tomahawk® 1000 offer the ultimate in portability and arrive ready to go for fast precise cutting.


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster True Series Plasma Cutters and Hypertherm's Powermax Series Plasma Cutters both use a pilot arc ignition system rather than a high frequency start, and are fully compatible both with your computer and our electronics. Further, an arc voltage take-off is readily accessible on these plasma cutters, permitting you to use them with the above arc voltage torch height control.




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CNC Plasma Cutting Machinery Acessories

Torchmate products are versatile, reasonably priced, easy to use, and designed as multi-use systems. Torchmate accessories are constantly being developed and improved to adapt to the needs of our customers. Increase your machine’s capabilities and enable complex performance by adding accessories from our wide array of options including Arc Voltage Torch Height Control, Automatic Tube Cutting Attachment, Laser Crosshairs, Probe Sensor, Plate Marker, and Air Pollution Control System.


Routermate accessories include Automated Z-Axis, Drilling and Tapping Heads, Dust Collection Option, and Spray Mist Option.


















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Torchmate CADCAM Software

The Torchmate CAD/CAM program was developed specifically to create shapes for cutting. Learning a new CAD/CAM program can be a very intimidating process.  We have simplified that process by including free unlimited online and telephone technical support.  Our Torchmate CAD/CAM program contains every feature needed, including dxf importation, conversion of scanned shapes, full automatic nesting, automatic kerf compensation, automatic lead-ins and lead-outs, & much more. Torchmate CAD/CAM has everything a CNC shape cutting machine owner could want. No other program with similar features is available for under several thousand dollars. Even if you already have a machine of a different manufacturer, if it will import dxf files, you can benefit from Torchmate CAD/CAM.

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Pipe Cutting Machines

Vernon Tool Pipe Cutting machinesVernon Tool™, a Lincoln Electric company, is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of industrial pipe cutting machines. Vernon Tool™ serves the process and power piping industry, mechanical and HVAC contracting, shipbuilding, offshore, and marine construction, structural pipe truss construction, pressure vessel fabrication, handrail and fencing manufacturing, and much more.








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Education Packages

Torchmate educationTorchmate is offering their state-of-the-art, affordable, robotic metalcutting machinery to shop classes in schools across the country, giving teachers a real world tool to teach design and manufacturing  skills to the next generation of airplane builders, automobile manufacturers and engineers. Versatile, technologically advanced and backed by the most comprehensive technical support in the industry,  Torchmate CNC machines are the perfect fit for high school and community college vocational training classes.







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