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Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems offers a wide selection of Torchmate shape cutting machines for most applications. Please visit the various product pages, or call our sales team to identify the right machine for your shop. 

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Torchmate is offering their state-of-the-art, affordable, robotic metalcutting machinery to shop classes in schools across the country

A turn-key solution for shops with limited space, the Torchmate ReadyPak comes ready to run.

Our Legacy Series represents the foundation of Torchmate, and continues to offer quality and value to our customers with our lifetime tech support. 

Torchmate introduces the TMX Pro CNC cutting table that can be equipped with high-density plasma systems up to 400 amps.

Older, less efficient shape cutting machines, built by virtually any OEM, can be retrofit with new Burny CNC systems and KALIBURN precision plasma equipment.

We offer a wide range of industrial pipe cutting and beveling machines. Options include oxy-fuel, abrasive, and plasma cutting solutions.

Get the most out of your Torchmate CNC Machine with our optional parts and accessoris.

Cut through any conductive material in seconds. Choose a model just right for your typical material thickness.

Torchmate offers a wide selection of software options designed for shape cutting, nesting, design, and 3d routing.