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Torchmate X Series

Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting Systems

Torchmate X Series

 TMXHD Torchmate X Air Plasma Torchmate X Gantry

The Torchmate X CNC plasma-cutting table is Lincoln Electric’s industrial answer to shape cutting. Its robust design and heavy-duty components are outfitted in two forms: as gantry kits and fully built units. Both units come with optional onsite installation and training that can get your machine installed and running at full capacity as soon as possible.

Lincoln Electric’s proprietary FineLine® High Definition plasma cutting technology takes the Torchmate X table to an unmatched level in the industry. The rigid construction and engineering behind the gantry supports the most gas-efficient plasma cutter on the market today. Together, the systems provide a dependable, cost-effective, and warrantied plasma-cutting machine that is sure to be out-supported by any other competitor on the market.

Lincoln Electric offers an industry leading 3-year warranty on their plasma cutters, and fully supports the CNC tables with their renown customer service and technical support. With jobs and projects depending on these machines to be constantly running, there is no clearer choice than the 100% Lincoln Electric owned Torchmate X series. 

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