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Butte Metz | Metz Robotic Metal Fabrication

Overcoming Modern Manufacturing Challenges Overseas - Customer of the Month

Torchmate in Philipines

Heading home from Iraq into severe economic times, was a challenge that faced Butte Metz of Metz Robotic Metal Fabrication in Antipolo City, Rizal. He spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours researching online what to do for a living. Mr. Metz assessed his skills to determine what trades could carry him down this new path. He settled on opening a machine shop and using the Torchmate CNC machine as the cornerstone of his business model. Using the Torchmate to build the other machines he could not afford would build his small Philipines shop from scratch.

"In a Manila metro area of approximately 20 million people, there are only a handful of  CNC metal-working shops providing an incredible potential for growth," says Mr. Metz.

With zero debt and severence pay in his pocket he moved into a small industrial shop in Antipolo City. He spent five months in his garage playing around with his Torchmate and learning the local business scene.

"It's been a wild ride so far. Now in month 7 things have really picked up." he says.

The shop has been invited to bid on various large projects and has had the opportunity to design and fabricate several high end trophies for a local celebrity crowd. Day to day making lettering keeps a regular income for Mr. Metz and the shop is busy.

CNC cut lettering

Improvisation is a necessity when starting a small business and he has proven that this shop is in it for the long haul. With a poor electrical supply and no auto height control, he has often resorted to cutting at night when the neighboring shops are closed and has begun indexing very large decorative metal panels with his Growth Series machine.

Mr. Metz says, "I'm still learning. I learn alot every day in this business. The Torchmate machine was the best investment I have made in the shop. It just works. Even the small Growth Series machines have the potential to do serious industrial work."

Butte Metz | Metz Robotic Metal Fabrication