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Torchmate Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”
- Benjamin Franklin

EDU ReadyPak


Since 1917 the Lincoln Electric Welding School has instructed over 100,000 men and woman in various methods and techniques of safety and arc welding processes. Now Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems follows in this rich tradition and offers a comprehensive Torchmate CNC educational package. The plasma-cutting machines students will see in the classroom use the same robust software and operating system as our industrial applications.

Our two and three axis machines offer the student advanced CNC control, CAD/CAM design, and STEM integrated curriculum. Turnkey Ready Pak™ Educational models allow unlimited student licenses with a single education dongle, which encourages design outside the classroom setting. In addition our EDU package offers the Pro Text Module, which includes 1300 fonts and 4000 images allowing educators to turn their machine into an asset, designing awards, and projects that can benefit the entire school

Education Software can be added to our entire Torchmate product line, in addition you can retrofit your existing Totchmate CNC Machine with our Educational software packages. 

Our most popular models for education are: