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The company I work for, recently acquired a Torchmate X, I have gone through the three day training program, and am completely amazed by how easy it was to learn, and how much less effort my job has become. 


Moondawg Mooncouple | Facebook Fan

Rick took excellent care of me. He very timely provided any and all information I requested. Thank you for a great purchase experience.

Junior Colosino | CRESCENT Power Systems

Both the machine and Torchmate's staff have continued to exceed our expectations. The capabilities of our Torchmate have improved the way we do business.

Ray Palama | Schneider Electric

"It continues to make us more relevant," said Tim Fortune, KTEC director. "In order for us to provide students with the highest possible skill set to be successful in the workforce..."

Tim Fortune | Kootenai Technical Education

Customer Project - Lincoln Electric Welder Wagon

LECO welder wagon

Bad Habit Monster Truck | LE Wagon

Within 15 minutes we went from a drawing on the computer to a perfect Monster Logo on the table. The Torchmate table has allowed us to make custom parts without wearing out band saw blades.


Casey Currie | Torchmate Racing

The Retrofit kit update for the plasma cutter is one of the best investments our family business has made. 

Thank you Torchmate!


Jessica Edmond | Edmond Manufacturing

The honkershop supermanx/monstermanx project is complete. Thanks to all our industry sponsors and enthusiasts.

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Alan Cunningham | The Honkershop
"The technical assistance you guys provide is phenomenal. We are thankful that we can call you if we ever get hung up, and within minutes we're right back to work."
Drop Metal | Prospect, Tennessee

"Thank you for all the time you spent yesterday helping me resolve the issue we were having with our machine.  I must say, I am extremely pleased with the level of service we are receiving from everyone at Torchmate!"

Duane Jackson | Jackson Steel Inc.

The Torchmate machine was the best investment I have made in the shop. It just works. Even the small Growth Series machines have the potential to do serious industrial work.

Butte Metz | Metz Robotic Metal Fabrication

I wanted to let you know that the machine is working with the tube cutter and I have been producing on it. I am happy with the results. I want to thank you and the team for the continuous support.

Jad Honein | Inline Design

Thanks for all the support you guys offer and for the follow ups. It is truly refreshing to work with a company that takes so much pride in taking care of its customers.

Daniel Hill | Happy Customer

I'm glad I chose Torchmate, I'm sure it will be a long and happy relationship.

Jerv Jordan | Jordan Engineering

I purchased a 4X4 from you guys at the beginning of March. I love this machine! It has allowed me to do things I never imagined and precision never before seen. Simply amazing. It has allowed me to really expand my business.

Micah Gregg | Drop metal
Thanks for the tech call this morning! Their sales team saw I was having some small troubles on my machine from a Jeep forum and took the time to call me! Was not expecting that, great customer
service right there!!!!
Adam Scherer | Dallas, TX

Best investment ever! No competition comes close to a Torchmate!

Casey Huskey | Offroad Enthusiast

We love our Torchmate and even more the great support we get when we have questions!

Facebook User | Success Story

 I wanted to start by telling you this machine is one of the greatest things I have ever owned and couldn't be happier with my decision to go with Torchmate!

Scott Bengtson | Bolton Speed

Because of the above and beyond help that I got with my second Torchmate 1 I have told anyone who will listen how great Torchmate is.

Chris Dye | K Series Parts

I would like to express how 

good it´s been with the 

Torchmate 3.

I have had it for over 1 year,

and it has exceeded my expectations...

Marcial Carrillo | Productos G&P

Thank you guys for making an affordable plasma table that small businesses can afford, without giving up the first born.

Jp Brohan | Facebook Fan

Im a Full-Time Student at Everett Comm. College and I use a 4x6 Torchmate table to do alot of Wall Art for the EvCC AWS Chapter. I personally think its the best thing since the Dark-Ages....

Chris Sansbury Sr. | Everett Comm. College

The company has great customer service, the products function as advertised, and its amazing how much easier building ANYTHING has become in the shop.

Alex Jarrell | A Facebook Fan


Decca Industries

Torchmate X Gantry Kit

Mike Edgar | Decca Industries

Gentlemen I would like to let you know that we are close to getting our new unit up and running and so far dealing with your company has been a pleasure...

Mike Edgar | Decca Industries

Torchmate customer Dick Roberts has created a 3 part DVD series that not only introduces you to the world of CNC but also walks you through his experiences working with a Torchmate 2.

Dick Roberts | Torchmate 2 Owner
I must say these guys are top notch!!! 
...Awsome support for not being in warranty. Thanks Jake!!
Joe Neel | Facebook Fan
Over 100 degrees F in the shop, but this machine doesnt care. Started chompin on this sheet of 1/2" plate and never looked back, didnt miss a cut, never even cool

Rick Wright | Los Angeles

With customer service like this I don't know why anyone would buy another machine.

Temple PA | Down N Dirty Customs

The technical support is the best I've seen. I wish all tool companies had the same business plan as Torchmate!

Michael Conrad | Monett, Missouri

We will be a Torchmate customer for life. Keep up the Great service!!!!

Dave Boyd | Boyd Welding LLC

Your system works great, and your customer service is the absolute best I have ever experienced. I highly suggest a Torchmate plasma cutting system for everyone!

Kacy Clark | American Motorsports

A great testimonial to the pride of being a Torchmate Owner. Order a Torchmate banner and your shop will be featured on our website! Click here to view Torchmate customer shop photos.

Torchmate Customers | Shop Photos

The personal attention that your company has shown to our organization is the main reason we like to highlight our partnership. Most people would like to help veterans; Torchmate does.

Hernán Luis y Prado | Veteran Trainer

"I just wanted to write you and thank you for your continued support. You have always explained the answers to any problem I've had and really helped me run my machine to its fullest potential. With this Torchmate X I have been able to grow my business tremendously."

Bobby Meadows | RDM Ironworks

"We currently run a part on [our 2x2 system] that we had laser cut by a local fab shop and it saved us over $35,000  in just one year."

Chuck Ebert | Allegheny Coupling

"I want to thank all of you for the great service, I am shocked on how fast it shipped!! good job guys!!"

Chad Fletcher | Fletcher Customs

"I can also say that I was sending 5+ emails a day with Torchmate as we finally started to get the table dialed in and their customer service is amazing."

Chris Dye | Club RSX, Inc.

"The machine has not only accelerated our works, it has as well increased our clientele, our performance and quality."

Manraj Thatti | Span Structures

Syracuse High School spreads the word about Torchmate products, customer service, and technical support to other local schools.

Doug Iske | Syracuse High School

"I am amazed by the speed and quality of the burn...We just completed in 3 hours what would have been an 8 hours shift job."

Oliver Loire | Int’l Technical Rubber

"7 plus years on my Torchmate 5x10 table, still going strong, haven’t replaced anything,(except torch consumables) not even a timing belt."

Greg Unruh | Canada

"Usually the new car smell goes away, or the excitement of a new toy as a kid wears off. Not at all with my Torchmate."

Andy Taminich | Scootek Fab

"It's here.
It's built.
It's working.
It's absolutely f*****g brilliant!"

International Customer | Tim Nicholls

"Best System money can buy."

Metal Headz LLC | Casey Huskey

"'I always wanted to have my own business,' he said." reported Iowa's Hawk Eye Newspaper.

Kirk Beckman | Customer Starts Business

"I love my 2x2! Thank you for putting a tool like this within reach of a small shop "

Curt Kemper | Happy 2x2 Owner

"I want to compliment you on your staff 's terrific customer service & genuine desire to help. It has been a pleasure doing business with the company."

Bob Miller | New Customer

" We are pleased with your machine and your support and highly recommend Torchmate equipment as an excellent addition to any machine or fabrication shop."

Deanne Weier | PDJ Cutting and Fabricating

"I am very satisfied with our purchase and your tech support is better than advertised."

Scott Fenton | Jamestown NY

"It has replaced many tools I used to rely on including a horizontal band saw, hole saws, a vertical band saw and whole box of other tools. It does everything I expected it to, plus a 1000 other things I hadn't even imagined."

Fred Nelson | Fred Nelson Fabrication

"Great customer service goes a loooooong way in my book!!"

Robert Nauta | Black Hollow Metal Designs LLC.

"The possibilities this equipment has opened for me is impossible to convey! I now ship to customers all over the country."

Thomas Derton | Creative Metal Arts

"Thanks to my Torchmate CNC plasma table, my business has taken off! My machine has already paid for itself..."

Glen Porter | U S Metal Cutting

"After having the machine for a few months, I’d have to say it has already more than paid for itself."

Richie | Dumont Dunes

"This is the best thing since sliced bread. I have a lot more things to learn, but so far, you can't buy feelings this good in a truckstop parking lot."

Doug | Torchmate 3 Owner

"I hear our owner really likes the unit. It is doing a good job for us. We still have a few issues but your tech support is excellent and they have resolved every issue we have thrown at them."

John Alberga | Dejana Industries

"Since owning the Torchmate we have almost doubled our turnover with only 2 extra people 1tradesperson and 1 unskilled."

Colin Harris | Express Sheet Metal

"Machine controlled plasma cutting is far superior then freehand cutting.  Much better edge and profile distinction.  This machine is a good addition to the other welding/cutting tools..."

Torchmate Operator | Student

"Torchmate plasma cnc machine helps us a lot in our day to day production."

Himanshu Dhionra | Production

"The Torchmate machine is like having your own A.T.M. machine you put material on it and pull the cash off it. The Torchmate machine has allowed me to work for myself and control my destiny..."

Eric Koehler | Angstrom Shop

"On top of their awesome customer service they provide a top notch, high quality product."

New Torchmate 3 Owner | Offroad Enthusiast

Find out what Wallaby Fabrication PTY LTD had to say about their Torchmate CNC Cutting System.

Happy Owner | Wallaby Fabrication

"I purchased a Torchmate machine from you folks about 10 years ago. I have used the heck out of the machine and it hasn’t missed a beat."

Matt Messer | Sunshine Metal

"These are hard economic times everywhere, and this certainly gives me an edge."

Bob | BM Welding

"I am proud to be a Torchmate owner."

Rusty McKnight | Crocket County High School

"I have to compliment your company on its great service."

Casey | Miami University of Ohio

"We will always consider Torchmate first for all of our cutting system needs because of your excellent customer service."

Jeremy Schunneman | Western Dakota

"The machine has worked beautifully. Tech support walked me through some of my toughest cuts and concerns."

New Owner | H & K Iron Works

"I am now cutting out a 400 passenger ferry for a local fabrication company. Your tech-support guys are awesome!"

Shawn Scully | Hankos Metal Works

"We can now make a part in about 10 minutes, which used to take an employee all day."

Mike Shaffer | Shaffers Offroad

"It looks and runs more like a much more expensive machine and has added a lot of value to my busness.  Keep up the good work!"

Ronnie Franks | Bargara Australia

"The plasma gave it the burned edge character that I had on the other leaves in my art and the whole process took twenty minutes to do the same thing it took me two days to do before. "

Dick Roberts | Metal Art By Dick Roberts

You can't imagine how much I use the machine and the abuse it recieves. Seldom do I get the chance to cut a clean full sheet of anything..

Skip Goebel | Sensible Steam Peru S.A.C.

"I am a new owner of a "Torchmate" and I just want to say THANK YOU very much for the suppport and help we have recieved."

A Happy Owner | New Torchmate Purchaser

"First of all let me thank you for selling me a great machine. I purchased your two axis DOS based machine 10 years ago, and I must say it Rocks!!!!"

Bill Muerle | Decorative Iron Plus