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Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems has been bringing affordable cnc plasma cutting tables and other automation solutions to manufacturers worldwide for over 30 years.  Affordability, quality, service and commitment to its customers are the cornerstones upon which the Torchmate brand has been built.  Having more options and accessories than any other CNC cutting table manufacturer on the market allows us to personalize each machine for each customer based on his or her production requirements.  Whether you choose to incorporate a plasma cutter, router, engraver, oxy fuel or any other tool, you can count on your Torchmate CNC System to deliver the highest precision and repeatability on the market.  From 2’x2’ 

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prototyping systems up to 10’x40’ CNC plasma cutting water tables, whether you need an economical Gantry Kit to get started or a completely finished fully functional industrial CNC system craned into place, Torchmate has the solution to fit your needs and budget.  Torchmate sets the bar when it comes to the level of service and support you should expect from a machine manufacturer.  Our success hinges on your success.  Call us toll free today at (866)571-1066 or internationally at (775) 673-2200 and let one of our trained CNC professionals guide you through every step of the CNC cutting process.   We would love to have you join the thousands that are already part of our Torchmate family.


Spanish speaking sales department: ¿Se habla español? Torchmate esta orgulloso de ofrecer a nuestros clientes el nuevo departamento de ventas en español. Para mas información de nuestro productos y ventas contacten a nuestro representante de ventas Andrés al (775) 624-9029, o enviénos su información y preguntas a Tenemos la solución en sistemas de corte CNC para toda la industria, nuestros sistemas de corte están disponibles en todo Latino América.

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The company I work for, recently acquired a Torchmate X, I have gone through the three day training program, and am completely amazed by how easy it was to learn, and how much less effort my job has become. 


Moondawg Mooncouple | Facebook Fan
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Rich Waitas of Magnaflow Shows Off His Mobile Fabrication Shop

Rich Waitas of Magnaflow has created a portable fabrication shop on the back of his truck consisting of a Torchmate 2'x2' CNC plasma cutter, Lincoln Electric Power Mig, bandsaw along with a truck hitch to incorporate a generator on a trailer for power on the road. Watch the video now!

October 20, 2014 | The Shop
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